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TEC earns 11th Air Force Organizational Excellence Award

TEC earns 11th Air Force Organizational Excellence Award

Story by MSgt Mike Smith on 01/25/2019

The I.G. Brown Training and Education Center recently shared in recognition of the Air Force Organizational Excellence Award for meritorious service as a detachment of the Air National Guard Readiness Center, from October 1, 2015, to September 20, 2017.

U.S. Air Force Lt. Gen. L. Scott Rice, Air National Guard director, announced the recipients on November 1, 2018, while at the readiness center on Joint Base Andrews in Maryland. It is TEC’s 11th award since 1968.

“The ANGRC, which includes TEC and Air Education and Training Command received the award because of their superior performance and dedication to serving, training, and educating the field,” General Rice posted on Facebook. “I am always inspired to serve among such high-caliber Airmen and am proud to serve all of the hard-charging Airmen of the ANG.”

TEC is located on McGhee Tyson Air Guard Base in East Tennessee and serves enlisted professional military education as well as professional continuing education for the total U.S. Air Force, to include roughly 11,000 active and reserve students each year from units across the nation. Its staff and faculty include more than 80 Airmen from the Air Guard, the regular Air Force, and the Air Force Reserve.

“I look forward to adding the 11th AFOEA streamer to our guidon during our next commander’s call, in front of the awesome team that earned it,” Col. Kerry R. Lovely, the commander, said.

Assigned staff within the specified timeframe qualify for the award and should check their personnel records to ensure it’s credited.

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