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ANAD rebuilds powerful M88 engines

ANAD rebuilds powerful M88 engines

Story by Jennifer Bacchus on 03/07/2019

ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala — In the depot’s Powertrain Flexible Maintenance Facility, artisans overhaul, repair and rebuild diesel engines which power many of the combat vehicles in the Army’s fleet.

One of the largest diesel engines they work on is the AVDS-1790-8CR, a V-12 twin-turbo diesel engine for the M88A2 Hercules, which is used in rescue and recovery missions for other heavy combat vehicles.

As each engine arrives, it is cleaned, drained of fluids, then disassembled to its smallest components.

Each component is then meticulously stripped of any remaining grease and grime, tested to ensure it meets specifications, then replaced or rebuilt as needed.

Because employees strive to preserve and rebuild every component possible, much of the testing performed is non-destructive.

Dye penetrant and magnetic particles are used to identify cracks in components, which are then welded or machined to meet specifications.

Throughout the process, measurements are taken, ensuring a lifetime of use hasn’t produced excess wear on the parts.

Once components are returned to Code A condition, they are stored in parts bins, awaiting kitting and placement in a newly built engine.

Final engine testing confirms the engines will perform as expected for the Soldiers who receive them the first time and every time.

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