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ANMC earns business excellence milestone award

ANMC earns business excellence milestone award

Story by Jennifer Bacchus on 07/26/2019

ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. — The Anniston Munitions Center was awarded an Oliver Wight Class A Milestone Award July 11 for successfully creating a new Sales and Operations Planning process.

Oliver Wight is a consultation company specializing in business improvement.

This award demonstrates ANMC meets their highest standards of business excellence.

There are three forms for the Class A award. The Milestone award, the Business Unit Class A Accreditation and the full Class A award.

A full Oliver Wight Class A award is achieved when an entire enterprise meets all Oliver Wight standards.

The S&OP process is owned and led by the organization’s leadership team.

Through this process, ANMC leadership evaluates and revises time-phased projections for customer demand, workload schedules to ensure on-time delivery, capacity needed to execute the schedules and the resulting financial plans.

This is done each month, through a series of meetings, with a planning horizon of two fiscal years.

The creation of this new process began a little more than a year ago, when the Army Materiel Command, ANMC’s higher headquarters, contracted with Oliver Wight to send a consultant and educator to Anniston.

That consultant was Donald McNaughton, a principal and board member at Oliver Wight. McNaughton quickly became “part of the family,” according to Cassandra Caver, ANMC’s director of ammunition operations.

With his guidance, ANMC began to pull together the types of reports needed to project workload with relative accuracy, not only for a few months into the future, but for 24 months.

The organization also learned to ensure their meetings were productive sharing information about the projected workload and how it could impact the entire team.

“Since initiating this journey to Class A Certification in S&OP, ANMC has been able to see concerns sooner than before and make appropriate decisions based on the metrics monitored by the ANMC resource, planning and executing teams,” said Anthony Burdell, ANMC’s deputy to the commander.

The work on ANMC’s S&OP process began about a month before Lt. Col. Roshun Steele took command of the organization.

As a new commander, Steele said working through the process helped her understand the mission of the organization better and how each division contributes to the overall mission.

“The S&OP process has increased communication and coordination throughout the organization to ensure we meet our planned execution goals each month, fostering confidence in our workforce,” said Steele. “The magnitude of this award shows the excellence of this organization.”

ANMC earned high praise from the consultants and educators who worked with them through Oliver Wight.

“Achieving Class A is a measure of world class. I don’t think you can understate the importance of being world class in anything,” said Tom Strohl, a consultant, coach and educator with Oliver Wight. “To not only have achieved Class A, but to achieve it in 12 months, is outstanding.”

McNaughton said he was impressed with how well the entire ANMC organization worked together to achieve their mission and create the S&OP process.

“The thing I take away is the power of true teamwork,” said McNaughton. “Really, what I experienced here was family.”

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