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Child Development Services

Child Development Services

Child Development Services offers care for children from 4 weeks through 12 years old in three major systems: 

• Child Development Centers

• Family Child Care homes and

• Outreach Services. 

CDC facilities offer full-day, hourly and part-day preschool. (Fort Wainwright does not have kindergarten in the CDC.) The Fort Greely CDC also houses the SAS program, a blend of kindergarten and school-age children. 

Family Childcare (FCC) offers the same services in certified homes where there are well-trained, carefully screened providers. 

Outreach Services (OS) includes Parent Central Services, information about on- and off-post child care programs, Family-care plan screening, training for babysitters, parent and community education, play groups and arrangement of special child care needs, such as for units having special functions and wishing to have child care available on-site. The Central Registration office on Fort Greely is at the front desk of the Child Development Center, Building 847. 

Families needing care or having questions about child or youth programs should start by calling the Parent Central Services office at 353-7713 (Fort Wainwright) or 873-4599 (Fort Greely). 

Relocating Families should call ahead and inquire about care options. All CYSS programs offer a wide variety of developmental activities of very high quality, which promote the intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth of children. 

CYSS programs includes water, science and sensory play, outdoor time, dramatic play, creative art, active play with climbing and balancing, music and opportunities for storytelling and looking at books. Growth in language and socialization is particularly encouraged through familystyle dining where nutritious meals and snacks are served. 

The CYSS philosophy is that young children learn best through play and exploration. CYSS staff provide the time and encouragement to ensure children come to the program each day happy to be there. 

Alaska has a Day Care Assistance Program (DCAP) for Families with limited incomes. The Parent Central Services staff can answer questions about this program or any childcare needs. Families needing care or having questions about child or youth programs should start by calling either Parent Central Services office. 

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