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Team Shaw prepares for Hurricane Dorian

Team Shaw prepares for Hurricane Dorian

Story by SSgt William Banton on 09/04/2019

More than 50 F-16 Vipers from the 20th Fighter Wing evacuated to Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana, to ensure their protection from Hurricane Dorian’s possible destructive winds, Sept 4.

“Our truly amazing Airmen worked diligently for the past few days to finish prepping the jets in time for today’s evacuation,” said Col. Derek J. O’Malley, 20th Fighter Wing commander. “We must assure that our families are safe and the base is prepared for Hurricane Dorian as it approaches the area.”

Service members have been working hard to protect the installation against potential wind damage and flooding, such as placing sandbags around buildings, securing objects that could become flying hazards, and fueling generators for possible power outages.

Staff Sgt. Logan Linkous, 20th Security Forces Squadron base defense operations center controller, said security forces worked directly with all squadrons and emergency management units to ensure that base facilities are properly equipped for anything that may impact their personnel or buildings during the storm.

He went on to say that security forces, among other first responders, will work throughout the hurricane to secure the base and respond to emergencies.

Base officials did not order an evacuation order for base personnel; however, the majority of base services and facilities will be closed on Thursday to ensure the safety of all Airmen.

The base population is advised to monitor changes through the Shaw Inclement Weather page, and Shaw’s official Facebook page at

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