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940th Mission Support Group

940th Mission Support Group

Beale AFB 940th Mission Support Group


The 940th Mission Support Group supports the 940th Wing, directing and integrating the activities of four subordinate squadrons and flights, each with its own unique mission, to provide infrastructure and support functions in 11 distinct functional areas, both in garrison and while deployed, to enable the 940th Wing to provide command and control and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance to combatant commanders. In addition, the 940 MSG supports the wing’s geographically separated units at March Air Reserve Base, California, Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Virginia, and Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii.


The 940th Force Support Squadron provides extensive support activities in human resources, personnel management and accountability, DOD port mortuary, and educational and training services that enhance the 940th Wing’s mission. The squadron services more than 1,000 unit-assigned reservists with a full-time staff of approximately 15 personnel.

Communications specialists in the 940 FSS provide reliable, secure communications and information resources in support of national objectives in conventional contingency operations. They are responsible for more than 2,200 computer pieces worth $1.4 million. They also plan and provide life cycle management for information system services, command and control systems, personal wireless communications systems, radios, phones and television systems.


The 940th Security Forces Squadron provides global support of U.S. Air Force missions, providing highly motivated, well-trained, well-equipped, combat-ready security forces teams to protect vital personnel, resources and weapon systems. The 940 SFS also establishes initial force protection, command and control, communications and mission support for operations across the warfare spectrum. The squadron ensures units are trained in all aspects of readiness, security, antiterrorism, force protection and air base defense.


The 940th Logistics Readiness Squadron provides full-spectrum logistics support to the 940th Wing, to include logistics plans, transportation, supply and fuels operations. The squadron administers wing deployment programs, war reserve material and host-tenant support agreements. The 940 LRSprovides direct support for receiving, storing and shipping DOD supplies and equipment for maintaining and operating vehicles and equipment and for delivering fuels support to customer organizations.


The 940th Civil Engineer Flight provides reserve emergency response and firefighting capabilities to augment the base civil engineering mission. Additionally, they manage the wing emergency management program and chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and high-yield explosive defense program, to include passive defense and consequence management and the Civil Engineer Prime Base Engineer Emergency Force (Prime BEEF) mobility program.


Physical Exam Clinic

The Reserve Physical Exam team is dedicated to enabling the 940th Wing to meet the U.S. Air Force goal of 80 percent Individual Medical Readiness compliance. In addition to performing periodic health assessments, immunizations and laboratory requirements, the clinic performs flight medicine operations including: annual flight clearances, fly waiver management, enlistment and commissioning physicals, and initial fly physicals. The clinic initiates line-of-duty, worldwide duty waivers and renewals and IMR compliance reporting and generates fitness and duty limiting profiles. The 940 AMDSprovides subject-matter expertise for Reserve medical requirements and may be reached Monday through Friday at 530-634-1710 and on Unit Training Assembly weekends from 8 a.m. to noon Saturday and Sunday.

Dental Clinic

The 940 AMDS Dental Clinic operates during clinic hours on UTA weekends. The clinic provides dental exams to Reservists for military dental exam requirements; conducts dental screening and clearing of members with dental conditions that are deployment-limiting; and updates DD Form 2813s received from members who were due civilian dental exams. Reserve members are eligible to enroll in the TRICARE dental plan administered by MetLife. Members may call 855-638 8372 for more information.

Optometry Clinic

The Optometry Clinic supports the gas mask insert requirements, aviator soft contact lens programs, PHA, fly and occupational visual exam requirements, flying class and enlistment commissioning physical eye exams, and aviator eye glass requirements. These services are available during clinic hours on the UTA weekends.

Public Health

Public Health on the UTA focuses on occupational health and tracks the completion of annual occupational health exams for our reservists. Public Health also coordinates with other sections to ensure all occupational health exams are completed and coordinates with 9th Public Health and Occupational Health Working Group to ensure members are adequately informed and evaluated. Staff members are also responsible for the Tuberculosis Detection Program, the Fetal Protection Program and the Hearing Conservation Program.

940 AMDS Bioenvironmental Engineering

Reserve Bioenvironmental Engineering manages readiness programs ensuring reservists are protected and ready for deployment. BE is responsible for the Industrial Respiratory Protection Program and the Gas Mask Quantitative Fit Test Program, as well as involvement with the Fetal Protection Program.BE staff are in the 9th BE shop, 6601 B St., on UTA weekends for all Fit Testing.

940 AMDS Major Operational Participation

Operations Desert Storm, Noble Eagle, Iraqi Freedom, Enduring Freedom, New Horizons and Tropic Care and humanitarian support tours to Belize, Alaska, Mozambique, Congo and Botswana.

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