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Places To See In Marysville

Places To See In Marysville


Built for $5,000 by architect Warren P. Miller, this historic home is listed in the 1856 Marysville directory as a 40-by-40-foot two-story dwelling. The home was given to the city of Marysville by Frank Aaron to be used as a museum in memory of his mother. Historical items on display in the museum include old documents, pictures, vintage instruments, clothing and books. The museum is at 704 D St., and is open for tours 1 to 4 p.m. Friday and Saturday.


The woman who gave Marysville its name lays buried in the Catholic cemetery north of town, just over the levee on Highway 70. Covillaud was one of the survivors of the infamous Donner Party, which resorted to cannibalism after being caught in the snows of the Sierras. After coming to the area, she married one of the founding fathers of the city, who named it in her honor.

Some fans of paranormal activity believe that on some winter nights when the nearby mountains are piled high with snow and the stars look close enough to touch, the spirits of those who perished on Donner Pass rise from their resting places and gather at Covillaud’s grave to plot revenge against the living.


Jose Ramirez came to the United States in 1849 from Chile. In 1851 he began construction on a typical Chilean architectural home with stained glass windows and South American hardwood. The walls of the house are said to be 30 inches thick, as the building was constructed of brick and plaster, which was scored to resemble stonework. The home, at 220 Fifth St., was said to cost more than $35,000 to build. The house was eventually acquired by William T. Ellis.


Built before the levees, the temple is the home of Bok Kai, the river god of good fortune. It is the only temple in the United States for the worship of Bok Kai, who is credited with preventing floods and averting famines in ancient China. The Chinese “Bomb Day” festival has been celebrated in Marysville since the 1880s and is the only event of its kind in the United States.

In late 1971, restoration was done to the interior of the temple. An elaborate arch was built as the entry to the temple by the Marysville Kiwanis Club in 1981. The state of California has designated it a “Place of Historical Interest.”


Beale AFB Ellis Lake-Stock Photo

Ellis Lake was developed from a series of overflow sloughs by William T. Ellis, a prosperous Marysville merchant. Ellis purchased several of the properties needed to expand the lake, and the federal government put in rock facing and the cement walkways that surround the lake in the 1930s as adepression-busting, make-work project.

Ellis Lake is a natural stormwater detention basin for the city of Marysville. During the summer months, water is pumped from the Yuba River at a rate of 400 gallons per minute to supply the lake with fresh water. All overflow water enters Jack Slough from gravity flow or by pumping (during high-riverstages). Jack Slough carries water to the Feather River, a primary water source for the California Water Project.

In October 1978, the first reported case of hydrilla in California was discovered in Ellis Lake. Hydrilla caused difficulties in boat launching, recreational activity was affected, fishing in shallow water was restricted and the danger of drowning was imminent. If the hydrilla were to escape from Ellis Lake, it could devastate California’s water storage and delivery systems, and threaten California’s multimillion dollar rice industry.

At a cost of $13.5 million, shared by the city of Marysville, the state of California and the federal government, the dreaded weed was exterminated in 1980 by dredging the lake, hauling the lakebed soil away, replacing the excavated soil and refilling the lake with fresh water.

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