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Sofra LLC was established in 2015 when Amine Mansour first introduced his family business of making textiles to the U.S. Weaving has been a part of his heritage since World War I when his uncle fled Sicily for the safety and economic stability of Tunisia. Today Sofra and the fouta are enjoyed by thousands of customers from New York to Oregon. As a fair trade company, Sofra ensures that the artisans who create our textiles receive above average compensation for their talents. Every textile is its own piece of art and is woven individually on a loom. Originally purposed as a bath towel, the fouta has become a popular fashion accessory and can be worn as a scarf, shawl, or sarong. They are perfect for home decoration, brightening a dinner table or providing a splash of color to a sofa. Foutas are durable and quick to dry making them a must for a day at the pool, picnics, and travel. Our textiles are made of organic cotton and linen and come in a variety of colors and patterns to fit any taste. Our website is www.sofrastudio.com and we can be found on both Facebook and Instagram at www.Facebook.com/sofratextiles and Instagram@sofratextiles.

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