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Turtle Island Exchange
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Turtle Island Exchange Is A Tribal Investment Agency Operating In Commerce On Behalf Of First Nations On Turtle Island/USA Territories, British Columbia and Mexico and Abroad. Through Economic Development and Increasing Demand For Green Technologies, Tribal Bonds Issued By Turtle Island Exchange Are Guaranteed To Produce Substantial Returns and Increase The Healing Footprint Needed Across The Lands and Globe. Tribal Investment Opportunities Extend Tax Exempt Benefits and Offer Tax Shelters Where The Investments Offer Exempt Levies and Fees As A Benefit of Specified Investment Memberships. Investment Opportunities Will Specialize In Space Program Technology, New Age Medicine Technology, Advanced Learning Systems and Accelerated Manufacturing and Production of New Products In The Industry of Carbon-Nano Material As Well As Research & Development. The Stars Are Not The Limit. They Are Waypoints. Together, First Nations Can Commit To A Better Future and Way of Life On Earth With The Help Of Many. The Opportunity Is Now. Embark On Exciting New Territory and Collective Views On A Global Scale. Touch The Stars With The First Nations.

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