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Driving Requirments

Driving Requirments

You must be 18 years of age to operate a motor vehicle in New Jersey. Please check with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for the minimum age required to obtain a learner’s permit and for laws regarding family members under age 18 who have a valid driver’s license from another state and are driving an auto registered out-of-state. For additional information please visit the New Jersey DMV at http://www.state.nj.us/mvc or call (609) 292-6500. 

Like most states, New Jersey has penalties which can include loss of driving privileges and insurance surcharges in most cases for offenses such as alcohol and drug-related driving convictions, driving without insurance and for speeding or moving violations in construction areas. 

Individuals who reside within New Jersey are required to maintain the minimum insurance coverage required by state law. This is in compliance with the New Jersey requirement that a current automobile “Proof of Insurance Card” be kept in each licensed motor vehicle. This law applies to all individuals, including military personnel and their dependents, whose automobile is housed within the state. Make sure your insurance company will be willing or able to insure your vehicle in New Jersey. If not, you will have to find a new agent. It is recommended that when shopping for insurance, you contact at least three separate companies to get quotes; this can save you hundreds of dollars in premiums. 

If you need to get a New Jersey operator’s license, a current driver’s license from another state is required. If your previous state license has expired, you must bring your original birth certificate, or a certified copy, to get your license. If you are unable to obtain either, call the DMV and ask about other acceptable forms of identification; a passport is usually considered acceptable. Military retiree and family member IDs (“dependent”) are not considered adequate when applying for a New Jersey driver’s license. 

New Jersey requires registration of all vehicles except those owned by non-residents and those registered elsewhere. The Soldiers and Sailors Act allows military members, stationed in New Jersey, to retain vehicle registration in another state. The New Jersey DMV requires a copy of the original title to register a new car in their state. In most cases, the bank holding the title will send it to the DMV, and then the DMV will return it to the bank. Vehicle inspection is required of all vehicles registered in New Jersey; and is good for two years. This inspection will also include an emissions check. 

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