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Camp H. M. Smith
Shopping and Services

Shopping and Services

MCCS’s Retail Division accommodates the diverse tastes of shoppers within the base community.

Building 4, Second Floor

Camp Smith Marine Mart
Building 2C 808-488-1234

Dry Cleaning & Laundry
Building 4, Second Floor

Next business day service no extra charge.

Gas Lanes
Building 6, Camp H.M. Smith 808-488-1234
Building 854, Manana Housing 808-455-7866

Camp H.M. Smith and Manana Housing offer quick and convenient places to fill up your tank at a value you cannot afford to miss. All Gas Lanes are open 24/7 for credit card purchases.

Manana Marine Mart
Building 854, Pearl City 808-455-7866

Offering fast, convenient shopping with everything from magazines to beverages, sundries and groceries, the Manana Marine Mart is in the perfect location for families residing within the Manana Housing area or in central and Leeward Oahu.

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