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Good Bones Home Inspections is a locally owned company providing service to Jacksonville, NC and the surrounding areas. We have 35 years of experience in the industry. We use state of the art technology and provide a clear and concise report that is easy to understand. We’ll go the extra mile to get you the best picture of the house possible. All of our licensing is complete, up to date and approved by the state of NC.


We’re a family owned business that treats each client as though they are family. We are passionate about our business and doing what’s right at all times. We take pride in our work and hold honesty, simplicity and excellent customer care as the foundation of our business. We hold our customer’s safety, security and peace of mind at the forefront by providing thorough inspections to ensure your investment is sound.

We promise you a great experience!


Contact Good Bones Home Inspections to schedule an appointment with us and find out if your home has “Good Bones”!


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