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Facts About Camp Lejeune Compensation

The passing of a new federal law compensating those exposed to toxins at Camp Lejeune triggered an overwhelming amount of TV ads sparking interest in some and doubt in others.

Let us help you GET THE FACTS:

The Pact Act was signed into law Aug 10th and a compensation fund is available.
The new law goes beyond basic VA disability and will not affect current VA benefits or disability.
The new law compensates vets and families exposed to toxic chemicals at Camp Lejeune.
Using a law firm makes a complex process easy for you. No out of pocket expenses or traveling.

Thousands of veterans have already started their Camp Lejeune claims with us. Don’t go at it alone!

The process and paperwork can be complicated and mistakes can be critical to your claim. If you have any questions, or to start the claims process under the new law, call our AHRN Family Hotline: 1-800-913-4493.

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