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Agency helps community prepare for the storm

Agency helps community prepare for the storm

Story by Timothy Hoyle on 09/12/2019

As Hurricane Dorian took its toll in the Caribbean, news reports told of residents in Florida, South Carolina and North Carolina preparing to face the huge storm.

Among those preparing were the officers of the Horry County Police Department who visited a Defense Logistics Agency site on Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, Sept. 3 to obtain some excess military items. The officers wanted the items to be ready for Dorian’s arrival. Sharon Burke, a DLA Disposition Services employee, said the officers obtained tents, tie downs, life preservers and cleaning wipes to help with their preparations.

The storm delivered about 10 inches of rain along the coast of South Carolina as it moved toward North Carolina. Burke said that feedback from Horry County officers said they did well as Dorian made its way toward North Carolina’s Outer Banks. The National Hurricane Center reported the storm made landfall Sept. 6 with 90 mph winds at Cape Hatteras.

“We did well here,” Burke said. “There was not much damage and no severe flooding.”

The base was closed Sept. 5 before the storm reached North Carolina and Sept. 6 as it came ashore. The Defense Logistics Agency employees were all able to return to work on the following Monday.

The Lejeune site is just one of many where first responders, schools, state and local governments, and others can obtain items military units no longer need but might still be useful in supporting taxpayer needs in other ways. For more information on the programs to obtain such property, visit the Reutilization, Transfer and Donation page on the DLA Disposition Services website.

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