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Base welcomes community leaders

Base welcomes community leaders

Story by LCpl Karina Lopezmata on 09/18/2019

Camp Lejeune leaders hosted 22 officials from local municipalities for a luncheon designed to educate them on the base’s mission and hear their concerns at the Paradise Point Officers’ Club Sept. 13, 2019.
U.S. Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Julian D. Alford, commanding general, Marine Corps Installations East-Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, expressed the importance of building strong relationships and having mutual support between the Marine Corps and the local governments of North Carolina.
“It really is a special relationship the Marine Corps has with its community, county and its city,” Alford said. “With all the services the community provides for our Marines, we want to hear how we can help make it better.”
Mr. Timothy McCurry with the Government and External Affairs department provided a brief to the audience on the history of Camp Lejeune as a training base and conveyed how important the community partnerships are in enabling the Marine Corps to conduct training to prepare its warfighters for combat and humanitarian missions home and abroad.
Camp Lejeune is the base headquarters for the II Marine Expeditionary Force, 2nd Marine Division, 2nd Marine Logistics Group and other supporting commands with approximately 37,000 active-duty Marines stationed here. But most of them live outside its gates.
“We have Marines and Sailors who live in all seven communities in the county,” Alford said. “A little over 70 percent of the Marines stationed in this base don’t live on base but off base.”
Throughout the year, MCB Camp Lejeune leaders invite local, state, and federal officials for tours to enhance the joint cooperation between the military and civilian sectors as well as educate the general public about the importance of mission readiness of the Marines, Sailors, and civilians.
“We want to provide a display of unity between the leaders of each community,” Alford said. “To help ensure continued harmony through communication, partnership and understanding.”

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