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The dedicated professionals of the Children, Youth and Teen Programs (CYTP) are an integral part of the Marine and Family Programs Division, providing developmentally appropriate quality child care and recreational activities for children ages 6 weeks to 18 years. The CYTP’s facilities include Child Development Centers located on Camp Lejeune, in the Tarawa Terrace housing area and MCAS New River, Youth Pavilions in Tarawa Terrace, Camp Lejeune and MCAS New River, Brewster Teen Center on Camp Lejeune and Family Child Care home services located throughout the base and air station. The Child Development Centers offer many programs including part-time care, toddler playgroups and hourly care. The three Youth Pavilions offer before- and after-school programs for children in kindergarten through 12 years of age as well as recreational activities for youth. The Brewster Teen Center offers after-school programs, field trips and life-skills clubs. Family Child Care home providers offer child care in government quarters. Each spouse and family completes a background check; homes are inspected by certified base personnel from Fire, Safety and Preventive Medicine; and the provider receives training before receiving an authorization to conduct business in the home. Hours of operation and fees are negotiated between the provider and parent. Subsidies are available to families utilizing Family Child Care homes. Please check with the Resource and Referral Office to find the best fit for your child.

Patrons wishing to use CYTP services must register their children through the Resource and Referral Office in the Tarawa Terrace II Child Development Center, Building TT-113, Iwo Jima Boulevard. Information on all CYTP programs is available at the Resource and Referral Office.


Resource and Referral | 449-0553/0554/0555

Brewster CDC | 450-8467

Brewster Teen Center | 451-2672

Courthouse Bay CDC | 440-6228/6229/6230

Heroes Manor I CDC | 450-4078/4089

Heroes Manor II CDC | 450-4119/4120

MCAS New River CDC I | 449-6712/6713

MCAS New River Youth & Teen Center | 449-6711/4699

Stone Street Youth Pavilion | 450-8674

Tarawa Terrace Youth Pavilion | 450-1422

Tarawa Terrace I CDC | 450-1500

Tarawa Terrace II CDC | 450-0545/0546


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