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State of New Mexico

Department of Public Safety

Nonemergency 505-827-9000

The Department of Public Safety’s mission is to protect human life and property in New Mexico. The department includes the New Mexico State Police, the New Mexico Motor Transportation Police, the Law Enforcement Records Bureau, the Law Enforcement Academy and Special Investigations. This department is also the go-to source for information about permits for carrying a concealed weapon.

Department of Homeland Security & Emergency Management

Nonemergency 505-476-9600

The purpose of the Department of Homeland Security & Emergency Management is to help New Mexico residents prepare for emergencies, to mitigate hazards and give help when needed, to prevent attacks, and to coordinate local, state and federal disaster response and recovery. This a primary source of guides for family emergency preparedness.

Curry County

Emergency Management

Nonemergency 575-763-9485

The Clovis-Curry County Office of Emergency Management responds to emergencies and disasters that affect the city of Clovis and Curry County. Visit the office’s website,, for the county’s hazard mitigation plan and other disaster preparedness information.

Fire Department

Nonemergency 575-769-7814

Fire safety services for Curry County are provided by the Clovis Fire Department.


Nonemergency 575-769-2335

Roosevelt County

Emergency Management

Nonemergency 575-356-4404, ext. 2005

The Roosevelt County Emergency Management’s mission is to measurably improve capabilities and reduce the risks to local communities in times of man-made and natural disasters. Visit the office’s website for information on the county’s emergency notification system.

Fire Departments

Visit the Roosevelt County Volunteer Fire Departments website for a full list of fire departments in the county.


Nonemergency 575-356-4408


Fire Department

Nonemergency 575-769-7814

Police Department

Nonemergency 575-769-1921


Fire Department

Nonemergency 575-356-4406

Police Department

Nonemergency 575-356-4404


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