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355th Mission Support Group

355th Mission Support Group

The 355th MSG consists of about 1,700 military and civilian personnel in six diverse squadrons that train, equip and provide agile combat mission support, including civil engineering, communications, contracting, transportation, fuels, supply, deployment readiness, personnel, security forces and services for immediate worldwide deployment of combat support elements. The group also provides an effective in-garrison support infrastructure and quality-of-life services for 26 wing and 32 associate units spanning a 45,000-person, 10,530-acre community, one of the largest in Air Combat Command.


The primary peacetime responsibility of the 355th CES is operating and maintaining D-M’s airfield, facilities and infrastructure in support of the flying mission. The 355th CES comprises a total force team of military, civilian and contractor professionals. In addition to its craftsmen and engineers, the squadron also has firefighters, explosive ordinance disposal technicians, environmentalists, and readiness and resources managers. Many of the large construction projects are done in close liaison with the Army Corps of Engineers.

The 355th CES trains the wing in chemical warfare defense and disaster preparedness while maintaining its own deployable teams to support the Air Expeditionary Force concept. The cooperation of on-base and local emergency services provides residents and workers at D-M with premier first-response capability in the event of any emergency.


The men and women of the 355th SFS have one of the most diverse force protection missions in the Air Force. The D-M “Desert Defenders” provide worldwide force protection and security support, protecting local alert fighter operations, seven flying squadrons, eight tenant units from four major commands and more than 4,500 tactical and stored aircraft spread over 10,610 acres worth $32 billion (more than any other DOD agency). Additionally, they provide police services for the entire on-base populace and combat arms training for thousands of military personnel.

Unit members constantly deploy in support of humanitarian relief, multinational training and air base defense operations, averaging more than 100 troops per Air and Space Expeditionary Force cycle — more than any like-size security force squadron in Air Combat Command.


The 355th CS is comprised of 126 personnel and provides 355th Fighter Wing, Headquarters 12th Air Force and tenant units’ command, control, communications and computer (C4) capability with fixed and deployable communications systems, official mail and knowledge-operations support. Additionally, it secures critical basewide information resources and exchanges. It also anticipates and responds to dynamic customer and mission needs.

The squadron is divided into three flights: the Command Support Flight, the Operations Flight and the Planning and Resources Flight. The Command Support Flight consists of the orderly room, quality assurance, unit training manager, official mail center and unit deployment manager. It also manages unit readiness, ensuring deployers are trained and equipped and arrive to their locations on time. The Operations Flight consists of cyber transport, cyber systems operations, knowledge operations, client systems and radio frequency transmission. The Operations Flight is responsible for maintaining base communications systems, base records management and base publishing. Planning and Resources Flight consists of cyber surety, unit deployment management, training and plans, programs and resources. This flight manages communication security accounts for the entire D-M community and several other sites around ACC. It also manages the architecture and integration of D-M’s C4 by identifying strategic short- and long-range communications plans, providing customer service interface for C4 requirements and implementing basewide C4 projects.


The 355th FSS is the largest organization within the mission support group. The squadron provides world-class human resources management (e.g., records, evaluations, promotions, classification, deployment operations, assignments, retirements and separations, and training), family support (e.g., relocations, financial and transition services), and professional and academic educational opportunities to more than 20,000 Airmen, retirees, family members and government civilians in the southern Arizona area.

The 355th FSS also offers a full range of military and community support programs for the D-M community. Programs such as the Education Services Center, dining facilities and fitness centers directly support the unit readiness mission by providing a physically and mentally fit force. Other FSS programs support overall military readiness and preparedness by providing for the basic needs of Air Force people in a hostile or contingency environment. Their community service programs support the family unit and contribute to individual social development and enjoyment. The family support and quality-of-life initiatives are vital to attracting and retaining a quality force. Visit the 355th FSS at www.dmforcesupport.com and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/355FSS.


The 355th Contracting Squadron directs contracting programs in excess of $86 million annually for the acquisition and administration of commodities, services and construction requirements in support of the 355th Fighter Wing, Headquarters 12th Air Force (Air Forces Southern), the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group and other associate units. The squadron manages one of the largest Government Purchase Card programs in Air Combat Command, valued at more than $16.8 million. It also assures high-quality and timely customer mission support consistent with federal acquisition regulations and public law for optimum mission execution. The squadron provides contingency contracting services in support of worldwide deployments and emergency operations.


The 355th LRS directs all wing transportation, supply and logistics planning to support A-10, HC-130, EC-130 and HH-60 combat-ready aircraft. The squadron manages more than $404 million in supplies and equipment, maintains $42 million in vehicles and directs $49 million in fuels support. It generates deployment and reception planning and execution and manages personnel and equipment for operational taskings.

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