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Our network of leaders — all independent business owners — have been flying in formation for years — shaking up the status quo of the financial industry and shifting the advantage in favor of families all over North America.

Unlike the rest of the industry who overlook the majority of North Americans or take advantage of them, we fight for families by first teaching them how money really works and then by helping them create the financial security and independence they deserve.

With thousands of entrepreneurs across North America, WealthWave’s team of educators are united to stamp out financial illiteracy. With world-class training, tools, and technology our leaders are building scalable businesses without limits as we spearhead our crusade.


To eradicate financial illiteracy worldwide so families can dream again.

All successful missions start with a clear vision and the right leaders who are just as experienced and capable as they are passionate and persistent. WealthWave has the clear vision and the core leaders to accomplish its mission.



Contact me to discover all that WealthWave offers.

Discover how money really works. Align with our mission to change finanical literacy. Put your financial strategy into action to protect your family financially and start building wealth for your future. Build a disruptive business with flexibility and scalability. Find out for yourself why WealthWave is synonomous with leadership.

Shane McGregor

Financial Educator

Call or Text: 702-684-4374


Christina McGregor

Financial Educator

Call or Text: 702-684-2997


Hablo Español

Robin Bundy

Financial Educator

Call or Text: 702 234 5686


Greg Sheets

Financial Educator

Call or Text: 702-900-7123


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