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Reflective Waters Natural Healing, LLC
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We offer a variety of Natural Health Services, in effort   to fit your every need…


  • Reiki $80 per session (60-90 minutes)

Reiki therapy is based on an Eastern belief that vital energy flows through your body. The idea is that a Reiki practitioner uses gentle touch — or places their hands just above your body — to help guide this energy in a way that promotes balance and healing.

*Includes Aura Cleansing and Chakra Balancing. Aromatherapy and Crystals may be used during the session.

  • Auriculotherapy $40 per session / $20 per follow up visit (30-45 minutes)

Auriculotherapy is a form of ear acupressure with use of EarSeeds whereby the external surface of the ear, or auricle, is stimulated to alleviate pathological conditions in other parts of the body.

  • Meditation in conjunction with Breathwork $45 per session (30-45 minutes)

Meditation is a practice in which an individual uses a technique – such as mindfulness, or focusing the mind on a particular object, thought, or activity – to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state. **** Breathwork is various breathing practices in which the conscious control of breathing is said to influence a person’s mental, emotional or physical state, with a claimed therapeutic effect.

  • Hypnotherapy $60 per session (45-60 minutes)

Hypnotherapy is a type of mind-body intervention in which hypnosis is used to create a state of focused attention and increased suggestibility in the treatment of a medical or psychological disorder or concern.

Helps with stress, anxiety, depression, reduction of habits, negative thoughts, ptsd, trauma, memory.

  • Acupressure $40 per session (30-60 minutes) **Reflexology $40 per session (30-60 minutes) 
            • Can Combine Both for $60 per session

Acupressure is a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practice that involves treating blocked energy, or qi, by applying manual pressure to specific points on the body. It is similar to acupuncture, except that it uses fingertip pressure instead of needles. By improving energy flow, acupressure is said to help with a range of conditions, from motion sickness to headache to muscle pain.

Reflexology is an alternative medical practice involving the application of pressure to specific points on the feet and/or hands. This is done using thumb, finger, and hand massage techniques without the use of oil or lotion.

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) $45 per session (30 minutes)

Emotionally focused therapy and emotion-focused therapy are a family of related approaches to psychotherapy with individuals, couples, or families. EFT approaches include elements of experiential therapy, systemic therapy, and attachment theory. EFT is usually a short-term treatment.

  • Bowenwork (Bowen Therapy) $80 per session OR prepay 3 sessions for $200 (60 minutes)

Bowenwork or known as Bowen Therapy, is a form of bodywork. It involves gently stretching the fascia — the soft tissue that covers all your muscles and organs — to promote pain relief. Specifically, this form of therapy uses precise and gentle, rolling hand movements. These motions focus on the muscles, tendons, and ligaments, along with the fascia and skin around them. The idea is to reduce pain by stimulating the nervous system.

  • Bioenergetics $45 per session (30-45 minutes)

Bioenergetic therapy is based on the theory that physical and emotional health are connected. When we’re physically healthy, we’re better able to cope with stress and emotions. Conversely, when we’re emotionally healthy, our bodies are better able to function properly./ The aim of bioenergetic therapy is to help clients release physical and emotional tension that may be causing problems. Bioenergetic therapy can be helpful for a variety of issues, including anxiety, depression, stress, anger management, and trauma. It can also be used to improve overall physical health.

  • Aromatherapy $20 per session** Herbalism $20 per session (15-30 minutes)
          • Can Combine Both for $30 per session

Aromatherapy is based on the usage of aromatic materials, including essential oils, and other aroma compounds, with claims for improving psychological or physical well-being.

Herbalism is using plants for healing.  Common forms of treatment include:

Teas, Capsules containing liquids or powdered herbs, Bath salts, Oils, Skin creams and ointments

  • A & A Packages $20 per Package (20 minutes)

Use of Auriculotherapy (EarSeeds) in conjunction with Aromatherapy.

Choose one from the five packages offered: – Relaxation – Focus – Lift Emotions / Boost Happiness – Pain Relief – Energize

  • Holistic Health Coach $60 per session OR 3 prepay sessions for $150 (60 minutes per session)

Health coaching is the use of evidence-based skillful conversation, clinical interventions and strategies to actively and safely engage client/patients in health behavior change.

  • Adaptive Yoga or Child Yoga $45 per session (30-45 minutes)

Adaptive Yoga are moves that have been adapted for those that cannot maneuver and complete positions in the traditional way.

Child Yoga is yoga that is tapered to benefit smaller bodies. Keeps the moves simple yet beneficial. Includes breathwork. For Children 2 and older.

  • Sound Therapy in combination with another service /$20 additional cost

Sound Therapy uses sound, music and specialist instruments played in therapeutic ways, combined with deep self-reflection techniques to improve health and wellbeing.

  • Animal reiki- Feline, Canine, Equine $60 per session (60-90 minutes)

Reiki is a spiritual system cultivating compassionate intention, which in turn may bring about healing transformation. Animals often experience a deep state of peace as the Reiki clears imbalances, allowing for new and harmonious patterns of health and wellness to emerge. Physical contact is not a requirement for Reiki and traditionally the practitioner offers Reiki to the animal hands off. This way, the animal controls the treatment, either accepting Reiki from a distance or settling themselves against the practitioners hands.

Works well for stress, anxiety, feeling of abandonment, pain, end of life.

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