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For a full list of youth services at Detroit Arsenal, visit

Child Development Center

Child Development Centers provide full-time and hourly care for children 6 weeks to 5 years of age. The CDC’s caring, knowledgeable professionals plan developmentally appropriate programs that are responsive to the unique needs, abilities and interests of your children. Fees are based on total family income. For more information on the arsenal’s center, visit

Family Child Care

The Family Child Care program is a child care option offered in homes both on and off post by authorized providers. Providers may offer weekend care, hourly care and extended care to meet your unique child care needs. All providers pass stringent background checks and inspections. Providers receive child care training and their homes are regularly monitored with announced and unannounced visits. The program also offers an opportunity for spouses to contribute to the family income while caring for their own children. For more information, visit

School Support Services

School Support Services provides Army school-aged youth with educational opportunities, resources and information necessary to achieve academic success. School Support Services is home to the School Liaison Office, where school liaison officers help deliver the best educational resources and information for your children. School liaison officers specialize in education transitions, and make sure incoming and exiting families have information about local schools, graduation requirements, after-school services and programs, youth sponsorship programs and home schooling. For more information, visit

SKIES Unlimited

SKIES Unlimited stands for “School of Knowledge, Inspiration, Exploration and Skills” with the word “Unlimited” for the unlimited possibilities that this program provides children and youth. SKIES Unlimited offers extracurricular instructional classes for children of all ages. SKIES Unlimited is in Building 205, Room 1F272 at 6501 E. 11 Mile Road. For more information, call 586-282-6170 or visit


Study Strong provides 24/7 online tutoring for Army-affiliated students. After registering online, students are connected to a tutor in an online classroom. Online classrooms use controlled chat and an interactive white board. Students can send computer files, such as essays, to the tutor for review and assistance. Educational support is available for kindergarten through 12th grade and college prep. Preparations for career transitions, writing resumes and studying for exams are available for adults.

Tutors are certified teachers, college professors, professional tutors or graduate school students from across the country who have been hired by, the provider of the Live Homework Help program. Tutors with expertise in math (including algebra, geometry and calculus), science (including earth science, biology, chemistry and physics), social studies and English composition are available. Visit for more information.

Youth Services

Since there is no youth center at Detroit Arsenal, youth services programs are offered at Anchor Bay Middle School South and L’Anse Creuse Middle School, which is in the Selfridge area. Programs include a wide variety of instructional classes, teen programs, youth development activities, homework assistance, leisure and recreational events, youth sport leagues and outreach activities. Call 586-282-4499 or visit for more information.

Youth Sports

Youth sports and fitness programs provide team sports, individual sports, and fitness and health programs. Coaches are trained and certified by the National Alliance for Youth Sports. Registration and annual sports physicals are required for participation. For more information, call 586-282-9730 or visit

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