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TACOM Life Cycle Management Command

The U.S. Army TACOM Life Cycle Management Command, headquartered in Warren, Michigan, in partnership with the Army’s program executive offices, is one of the Army’s largest weapon systems research, development and sustainment organizations. The command’s mission is to develop, acquire, equip and sustain the world’s most capable ground and support systems for joint war fighters through the integration of effective and timely acquisition, logistics and technology. The command unites all of the organizations that focus on soldier and ground systems throughout the entire life cycle. It is at the forefront of the Army’s transformation to a lighter, more lethal and survivable force. The command:

  • Provides a broad spectrum of armament and munitions technologies and products.
  • Researches, develops, engineers, leverages and provides advanced systems integration of technology into both ground systems and their support equipment throughout the life cycle.
  • Serves as a conduit between the Army, industry, academia and other federal agencies to develop technologies that are beneficial to all parties.
  • Ensures war fighting readiness for the soldier by purchasing ground combat, combat support and combat service support items for the military.
  • Sustains the current systems through life cycle maintenance.

The command consists of the Army Contracting Command — Warren, Integrated Logistics Support Center, Program Executive Office Combat Support & Combat Service Support, Program Executive Office Ground Combat Systems, Program Executive Office Soldier, Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical and Biological Defense, System of Systems Engineering & Integration Directorate, U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center, U.S. Army Armaments Research, Development & Engineering Center, Natick Soldier Research, Development & Engineering Center, and Edgewood Chemical Biological Center. For more information, visit

Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center

TARDEC develops, integrates and sustains the right technology solutions for all manned and unmanned DOD ground vehicle systems and combat service support equipment to improve current force effectiveness and provide superior capabilities for the future force. TARDEC is the nation’s laboratory for developing advanced military ground vehicle technologies, process integration expertise and system-of-systems engineering solutions for force projection technology, ground vehicle power and mobility, ground vehicle robotics, ground systems survivability, and vehicle electronics and architecture. For more information, visit

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