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BluDog ROOFING, LLC. is the first woman veteran owned roofing company in Delaware. It’s the personal guarantee of owner Kimberley Sammon to see to it that you not only get the BEST quality service, but also the best products the industry has to offer!
In Loving Memory
BluDog ROOFING was named in loving memory of Kim’s two littermate dogs, Nann and Haus. Australian Cattle dogs, also known as Blue Heelers. Kim had the pair from the time they were 9 weeks old to the old age of 14 & 15. Kim had a turning point in her life when she had to make that tough decision of putting them down when the time came which was sadly only 10 months apart.
After working in the roofing industry for 17 1/2 years, Kim thought of what was really important to her. She decided to go independent, and start BluDog ROOFING, LLC. She was never in business for fame or fortune, only to do what was good and help those in her community. Remembering how much help Nann and Haus needed when they got older, it was then Kim vowed to adopt & rescue Senior dogs in need of a place to call home & live out the remaining part of their lives. She has since taken it one step further and vowed to donate a portion of BDR’s proceeds for the care of elderly dogs & the facilities that care for them.
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