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Local Area & Community

Local Area & Community

Cost of Living:  4.14% below National average.
Base Operator: 302-677-3000 or DSN 312-445-3000.
Military 3,500
Civilian 1,200 
Reservists 1,900 
Area Population:  885,122 in Delaware and 32,135 in Dover proper.
Child Care:  
Dover AFB has a Child Development Center, Youth Center and Family Child Care Program.  The priority enrollment policy is as follows: children of single parents or dual active duty military parents assigned to or living on Dover AFB, to include active duty Coast Guard; children of active duty military with employed spouses and DoD civilians assigned to or living on Dover AFB.  Hourly care is provided on a reservation basis only and offered if there are slots available. Full day care is provided for 200 children at the Child Development Center and 150 children at the Youth Center.  For more information on child care in the local community, please call 800-660-6602 /302-672-0510 or visit the Children and Families website.
Delaware law requires children ages 5-16 to enroll in school. While living in the Temporary Lodging Facility and/or residing on base your children will attend Caesar Rodney School district schools i.e. Welch Elementary or Dover Middle School. Visit these websites for information:
Caesar Rodney School District 
Capital School District  
Lake Forest School District 
Milford School District  
Poly Tech School District 
Smyrna School District 
Youth Services:  
The Center is open to all eligible youth of the Dover community. This facility offers youth and teen recreation areas, gymnasium, dance room, TV room, computer room, game room, a snack bar and more. The Youth Center is an extension of the Boys and Girls Club of Delaware. The Dover AFB Youth Programs are in collaboration with the local cooperative extension program and 4-H.  The teen curfew for Dover AFB is midnight seven days a week.  For more information 302-677-6376 / 302-677-6377. Airman and Family Readiness Center: Airman and Family Readiness Center at DSN 312-445-6930 or 302-677-6930.
All newcomer personnel assigned to Dover AFB must stop by the Housing Management Office, located at 1069 High Street, Bldg 1069, before entering into a lease or purchase agreement for a home. The Housing Management office will assist you in all your housing referral needs, whether you elect to purchase, rent in the area or move into privatized housing. If you elect privatized housing you must have a referral form signed by one of our housing counselors before you can sign a lease with Dover AFB Properties LLC.  For more information 302-677-6969.
All of Dover’s airman quarters are controlled by the Housing Management Office’s Central Dorm Management office. You can contact the Central Dorm Management office by calling 302-677-2074/6971 during duty hours. Airmen arriving after duty hours need to report to Bldg 800, Lodging office, the 24-hour reception point. Airmen assigned to Dover AFB can expect to be housed in a dormitory room. Dover currently has 537 dorm rooms in 5 buildings. 
Dover is the third largest employer in Delaware with a total economic impact of approximately $470 million per year. Unemployment Rate is 7.7%. Median Household Income range $62,000. 
Base Services: 
Force Support Squadron provides numerous indoor and outdoor recreational facilities and clubs.
Commissaries: 1 on base 
Exchange System has 1 main exchange and 8 specialty services
Banking Dover AFB 
Medical Services: 
Medical care services are offered on a priority basis. First priority of care is to active duty military. Second priority is to TRICARE Prime members enrolled to the 436th Medical Group. Non-TRICARE Prime beneficiaries are seen on a space-available basis.  For information on TRICARE Enrollment and Benefits – visit the TRICARE Service Center or contact the TRICARE Office at the 436th Medical Group at 302-677-4858 or DSN 312-445-4858.
DSN Dialing Instructions
When dialing a DSN number from U.S. installation to U.S. installation, it is unnecessary to dial the 312 area code. If you dial a number with the 312 and it does not work, try it again without the area code. When dialing a DSN number to/from overseas locations, the DSN area code must be included.
Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operation 
Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operations (AFMAO) was created Dec. 15, 2008, as a named activity of the Directorate of Services, Manpower and Personnel, Headquarters United States Air Force. The new organization was activated Jan. 6, 2009.  It is AFMAO’s mission and privilege to fulfill the nation’s sacred commitment of ensuring dignity, honor and respect to the fallen and care, service and support to their families. A solemn dignified transfer of remains is conducted upon arrival at Dover Air Force Base, DE, from the aircraft to a transfer vehicle to honor those who have given their lives in the service of the country. The AFMAO has a total force staff consisting of active duty Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines as well as Guardsmen, Reservists and civilians. The staff also consists of representatives from federal agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Armed Forces Medical Examiner who are responsible for the complete processing of remains. The staff utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to establish positive identification through DNA, dental and fingerprint analysis and autopsy the remains to determine cause of death. The staff also prepares fallen members for transport to their final destination as determined by the family. The AFMAO is located at the Charles C. Carlson Center for Mortuary Affairs, 116 Purple Heart Drive and by contacting DSN 312-445-2275/ 302-677-2275.
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