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In 2011, President Barack Obama ordered the creation of BusinessUSA, a one-stop platform for small businesses to get the services they need to make good hires and to grow. The service now offers more than 200 online classes, videos and chat transcripts; information on how to start a business, obtain financing, look into exporting, expand, find opportunities, learn about health care changes, be aware of taxes and credits, get help with hires, and ferret out regulations and green opportunities. BusinessUSA is especially interested in increasing ownership among veterans, women, the socially and economically disadvantaged, American Indians and Alaska Natives.

Delaware Small Business Development Center

The Delaware Small Business Development Center offers small-business resources and workshops for those looking to start a business. Visit the Small Business Development Center’s location in Dover at 1200 N. Dupont Highway, Room 108, or call 302-678-1555 for more information.

Open for Business, Kent County

Another resource for entrepreneurs is free business development sessions available at the Kent County Levy Court Building, Room 220, each month. Entrepreneurs looking to start or expand a business can benefit from the various agencies that are on hand to provide assistance at the sessions. Agencies include the Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce, the Delaware Center for Enterprise Development, the Delaware Economic Development Office, the Delaware Small Business & Technology Development Center, and the Kent Economic Partnership. For more information, contact the Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce at 302-734-7513.

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