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The Honey Bees Learning Academy
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Today, many parents are very busy juggling one or two jobs; attending classes to further their education, or have other responsibilities that require them to find child care. While daycare is what most parents are familiar with, a quality early learning center or academy is the best option for parents and their children. For many children, an early learning center is their first experience in a purposefully structured setting with teachers and other groups of children. It’s an opportunity for them to learn to share, follow instructions, interact with other children, and soak up the tools they’ll need to succeed in the future. 
At The Honey Bees Learning Academy, we will strive to keep your children safe and healthy. In addition, we will work with our children to develop skills, that they will need for success in school and in their lives outside of school. Some of the skills that we will be focusing on are:
•Social, emotional and communication skills•Pre-literacy and basic mathematical skills and concepts•An awareness of their environment and the roles of the people in it•Providing structure using fun techniques•Promoting Cognitive and Language Skills•Promoting Math and Reading Skills using games and various activities•Nurturing a child’s curiosity by using the child’s own interests and ideas to create activities that will foster curiosity•Our academy will give children the tools they’ll need to succeed at the next level, to further their education. 
Children with Special Needs
All children have special needs. However, some children, because of physical, emotional, or learning needs, may require extra support in a child care setting. It is very important to choose a child care center that meets your child’s basic requirements first; then, addresses your child’s unique needs. That’s why at The Honey Bees Learning Academy, we have trained special needs child care professionals, who specialize in administering pediatric needs and can provide comprehensive case management and support for children with disabilities and special needs. Our special needs caregivers will provide children with the care they need and the support they deserve, from mild to moderate physical, developmental, and behavioral/emotional needs. Our advanced expertise in this area ensures each child’s safety. Therefore, rest assured that you and your family can get the most out of life.
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