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The Honey Bees Learning Academy
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We are not your typical daycare facility. Our philosophy at The Honey Bees Learning Academy (herein referred to as “The Honey Bees” or “THBLA”), is that we can capture your child’s mind and began to introduce your child to phonics, reading, music, math exercises, computers and make learning fun. At THBLA, we support student learning by providing a stimulating and nurturing learning environment with warm, educated and experienced teachers. This way, by the time your child gets to high school, learning will not be a challenge and a struggle. Our goal is to promote a positive view of education. Therefore, your child will hopefully have no problem with main streaming with others in the community.
We believe that children can succeed, no matter their background, as long as they are offered a coherent sequence of specific knowledge and skills which build year by year; are encouraged and supported by parents and teachers, and as long as they put forth their best efforts. The curriculum is structured to ensure the development of these skills in efficient and engaging ways, drawing upon traditional and current instructional methodologies and philosophies.
We emphasize presentation and mastery of basic skills and subject content in phonics, reading, grammar, composition, spelling, vocabulary, math, science, geography, and history, providing the necessary foundation for study in most higher level academic disciplines. Inquiry-based learning, project-oriented learning, critical thinking, and problem solving skills are infused into daily practice and encourage further depth and breadth in each subject matter.
Academic achievement is valued and recognized at The Honey Bees Learning Academy, and academic excellence is our common goal. We believe that students should “Rise to the Challenge” by making every effort to explore and maximize their academic abilities and interests. Students are encouraged to “go beyond” the norm, especially in those areas in which they excel, and are given opportunities to progress faster, delve deeper into subject matter, and to explore areas which may be of special interest. We also work with our children to obtain their academic excellence.
The Honey Bees also seeks to develop strong values through both study and action.
The Honey Bees recognize that children grow and develop at their own pace. Children possess individual talents and learning styles that can be fostered through play-based exploration. In order to expand the creative and critical thinking process of every child, our educational program provides developmentally appropriate activities, and follow practices that are fundamental to learning. We believe that when students are encouraged to initiate many of their own activities, it helps them feel that they are a central part of the teaching and learning process. This promotes a stronger sense of self and a higher level of intrinsic motivation. Cooperation and compromise becomes a component of social learning as the children experience and learn ways to interact and problem solve within a group setting.
We recognize the value in parent and teacher collaboration and believe that parent involvement is essential for the continued success of each child’s educational learning experience. When parents are provided with the necessary tools and practices specifically designed to assist them with their child’s educational process, then, they are better equipped to support their child’s learning process. It is equally valuable that all parents be recognized as nurturing adults while they guide their children from dependency and on toward the road of independency to eventually be able to make their own independent choices. Through self-reliance, children will be able to promote friendships that will be healthy and develop into mutual respect and cooperation among children, adults, and community leaders.
At The Honey Bees Learning Academy, our motto is:
“We Believe that Children are People, Too!!”
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