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412th Test Wing Groups

412th Test Wing Groups

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Air Force Plant 42 is a government-owned, contractor-operated industrial plant with proximity to both the concentration of aerospace industry in Los Angeles and the high-speed corridors and resources on Edwards Air Force Base. Air Force Plant 42 is a $4.4 billion enterprise supporting 8,500 contractors and government employees, occupying more than 3.5 million square feet of plant space spanning over 5,700 acres with a replacement cost of $1.8 billion. The facility is uniquely situated to fully support the nation’s newest and most advanced commercial and military aerospace systems. Air Force Plant 42 is one of four Air Force plants throughout the United States and is unique in that it has a government-operated airfield complex and hosts three major defense contractors: Boeing, Lockheed-Martin and Northrop Grumman. The mission of Production Flight Test Installation Air Force Plant 42 is to provide industrial facilities for the production, modification, depot maintenance and flight test of U.S. aerospace systems. Some of the world’s most advanced aircraft were engineered, fabricated, assembled and tested at Air Force Plant 42, such as the B-1 Lancer and
B-2 Spirit bombers, SR-71 Blackbird, F-117A Nighthawk, Global Hawk and other unmanned aircraft. Air Force Plant 42 is composed of the following military units, as well as the three previously mentioned Department of Defense contractors.

412th Test Wing, Edwards Air Force Base



Operating Location Air Force Plant 42, which is part of the 412th Test Wing at Edwards Air Force Base, is in the Antelope Valley approximately 60 miles northeast of Los Angeles. The U.S. Air Force has been using this site for aircraft testing and manufacturing purposes since 1935. The Operating Location Air Force Plant 42 provides command and control of the Air Force Plant 42 airfield complex and personnel that provide daily support to the industrial facilities used for production, modification, depot maintenance and flight test of U.S. aerospace systems. The organization provides security, airfield management, civil engineer and maintenance support, fire protection, crash and rescue, recovery and safety, logistics support, information technology support, information management and contract management.



Located at Air Force Plant 42, Detachment 4, a unit of the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, through the C2ISR Division at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia, is the responsible test organization for planning, conducting and reporting on all U-2 flight test programs. The unit conducts U-2 developmental and operational mission support and post-depot maintenance acceptance flights. The unit also provides quality assurance oversight of depot and flight test maintenance activity and validates technical changes to the aircraft, equipment and technical publications.

412th Test Wing, Edwards Air Force Base



The 412th Civil Engineer Group provides installation, maintenance, construction and repair of all Edwards AFB real property. The group plans and executes emergency management operations for natural and national emergency response, including contingency and mobility operations. The group provides fire service support to real property and aircraft. The group provides EOD operational support to ranges and area of operations in the stateside assigned area of operations and deployment sites. The group also provides environmental stewardship of the base.

412th Electronic Warfare Group, Edwards Air Force Base



The Electronic Warfare Group conducts test and evaluation of electronic warfare capabilities including electronic attack, defensive countermeasures and low observable air vehicles in a contested environment. The group’s 772nd Test Squadron operates and maintains national ground test facilities, including the Benefield Anechoic Facility, also known as the BAF, the world’s largest anechoic chamber for installed systems tests in a virtual battle space, to ensure weapons system survivability and effectiveness for the DOD and U.S. allies. The group also operates and maintains high-fidelity, man-in-the-loop aircraft simulators, hardware-in-the-loop laboratories and digital integrated air defense modeling and simulation capabilities. The group’s 771st Test Squadron supports electronic warfare open-air range test and evaluation and provides electronic warfare subject-matter expertise to all Edwards AFB combined test forces to assess system performance, military utility, suitability and mission effectiveness.

412th Maintenance Group, Edwards Air Force Base



The primary mission of the 412 MXG is to provide flight line, back shop and modification support for Air Force, DOD and contractor aircraft and munitions undergoing test and evaluation at Edwards Air Force Base. The 412 MXG also conducts logistics test and evaluation on aircraft, aircraft subsystems, weapons, support equipment and technical orders for system program offices, combined test forces, the USAF Test Pilot School, NASA, foreign government programs and commercial contractors. To carry out this mission, the group consists of 1,800 maintenance personnel supporting over 90 highly modified, uniquely configured test and test-support aircraft. Its fleet boasts an impressive 17 different Mission Design Series aircraft operating 15 different propulsion systems, making it the most diverse maintenance unit in the Air Force.



The 412th Test Wing is world-renowned for its expertise in evaluating weapon systems in the areas of airframe, power plant, avionics systems and electronic warfare systems. The Test Management Division is the 412 Test Wing’s primary interface with the customer to ensure that their support needs are met in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner.  The division’s team helps the customers define their requirements and matches them to the test wing’s capabilities along with an estimate at completion for time and cost. Once the project is defined and initiated, the division keeps the customer informed throughout the test process of progress toward reaching their objectives. The team is highly trained and motivated and uses state-of-the-art project management tools to manage resources to identify and resolve issues early, maximizing the probability of the project’s successful completion.

412th Mission Support Group, Edwards Air Force Base



The Mission Support Group delivers combat and test-enabling mission support to over 14,000 personnel assigned to Edwards Air Force Base, the 412th Test Wing, the Air Force Research Laboratory, NASA’s Flight Research Facility and 50 associate units on an installation spanning 308,000 acres.The group’s 412th Security Forces Squadron provides integrated base defense and force protection for all Edwards’ personnel and missions, while simultaneously preparing and deploying defenders in support of worldwide contingencies and combat operations. Additionally, the Combat Arms Section of the 412th Security Forces Squadron equips not only 412 TW Airmen but LAAFB, Plant 42, March ARB, Miramar, six Army Units, DCIS and NASA with cutting-edge, innovative marksmanship skills to enhance our nation’s warfighting capabilities year-round. The 412th Communications Squadron operates and defends Edwards’ cyberspace domain and is responsible for full-spectrum capabilities to enable weapons system testing, evaluation and development in order to deliver war-winning capability to our nation’s combat air forces.The 412th Logistics Readiness Squadron integrates transportation, fuel, supply and logistics planning to provide world-class customer support to the Edwards’ mission. The group’s 412th Force Support Squadron enables the human warfighter, providing exceptional personnel and manpower administration, as well as morale, welfare and recreation support programs and services for the entire Edwards’ community. The 412th Mission Support Group also serves as the base liaison to the local school district, Army and Air Force Exchange Service and Defense Commissary Agency.

412th Operations Group, Edwards Air Force Base



The 412th Operations Group is the Air Force’s largest and most diverse operations group consisting of seven flight test squadrons, one combined test force, three detachments and an operations support squadron. The group is home to 11 types of aircraft, including the F-35 Lightning II and the new KC-46 Pegasus. The group leads the way in developmental flight test and is a central component in the development of warfighting capabilities for the Air Force. The group’s mission is to inform United States Air Force and Department of Defense decision-makers by safely and effectively planning, executing and reporting on ground and flight tests.

412th Test Engineering Group, Edwards Air Force Base



Provides world-class test and evaluation expertise, instrumentation and range capabilities to deliver relevant, decision-quality information to our customers.



412th Medical Group, Edwards Air Force Base



The 412th Medical Group is a patient-centered medical home clinic with a group of providers that deliver primary, special and preventive care to a 7,300-beneficiary population in a culture of trusted care. The 412th Medical Group is comprised of three outstanding squadrons: Medical Operations, Medical Support and Aerospace Medicine. The clinic provides medical support to the Air Force Test Center, the 412th Test Wing, the Air Force Research Laboratory, NASA, NATO, Plant 42 and associate units.

United States Air Force Test Pilot School logo



The United States Air Force Test Pilot School is where the Air Force’s top pilots, navigators and engineers learn how to conduct flight test and generate the data needed to execute developmental test missions. Human lives and millions of dollars depend upon how carefully a test mission is planned and flown. The comprehensive curriculum of the Test Pilot School is fundamental to the success of test and evaluation. Graduates of the school earn a Master of Science degree in flight test engineering.


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