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More on Royal Meats
Royal Meats is a family owned and operated food manufacturing business located in Mississauga, Ontario. Founded in 1997 by Ante Ostojic, a highly respected butcher with over 40 years of experience, Royal Meats’ delicious European-styled Smoked Sausages, Chevaps and Burgers have been a Local favourite ever since. 
The company’s focus on Flavour is evident in their choice of only the Freshest and Finest High-Quality ingredients, sourced from Local Suppliers, and utilized in conjunction with clean, Gluten-Free, and Allergen-Free formulations, with No Artificial Preservatives.
 Within the Royal Meats family, the Ostojics are currently operating three Royal Meats locations,
each fulfilling a different role. In addition to the manufacturing facility at 2395 Cawthra Rd., is the original retail butcher shop located at 3635 Cawthra, just south of Burnhamthorpe, and the nearby restaurant, Royal Meats Barbecue, at 710 Kipling Ave. At all three locations, experienced and detail-oriented teams work hard to provide the best Local Food possible for their customers.
Photos from Royal Meats