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28TH Logistics Readiness Squadron

28TH Logistics Readiness Squadron


The mission of the 28th Logistics Readiness Squadron is to provide responsive, reliable and sustainable logistics support anytime, anywhere. The squadron is made up of more than 340 professionals separated into four flights and two sections. These professionals provide support to 39 wing and tenant units with mobility readiness and operations, vehicle operations, vehicle and equipment maintenance, personal property and cargo shipments, fuel storage and distribution, supply and equipment accountability, and the war reserve materiel program, as well as maintaining B-1 spares packages and aircraft parts.

The 28th LRS Deployment and Distribution flight is the single wing authority for receiving, storing and shipping Department of Defense supplies and equipment, handling more than 20,000 commodities valued in excess of $174 million. The Airmen of the section manage the base U-Drive-It fleet, buses and DV vehicles. Additionally, the Deployment and Distribution flight is the wing contact for war reserve materiel management, deployment planning, training and execution, base and expeditionary support planning, sustainment, redeployment, mobility bags, small arms weapons and wing support agreements management. This flight also manages air terminal operations, as well as provides logistics readiness deployment training for all installation personnel to carry out deployment tasks.

During contingency operations, the Deployment and Distribution flight provides wing command and control through the Deployment Control Center and the Installation Deployment Readiness Cell. The Deployment and Distribution flight is also responsible for arranging the movement and storage of personal property and providing ticketing for official travel of DOD passengers. This is the flight to contact upon arrival at Ellsworth to arrange for delivery of household goods.

The squadron’s Materiel Management flight receives, stores, inventories and issues all stock listed materials for the wing. It is the focal point for all supply issues and the base-level liaison for all equipment matters. Additionally, the Materiel Management flight manages six B-1 mobility ready spares kits — valued at more than $300 million — that are postured for deployment at a moment’s notice. It also accounts for all wing mobility bags and deployable small arms valued at more than $12 million. Lastly, the 28th LRS Materiel Management flight ensures all repairable parts get processed and routed to the proper repair facilities and briefs the 28th Maintenance Group commander and 28th BW commander daily on aircraft MICAP status.

Operations Compliance Section is aligned under and is responsible to the LRS Commander and Operations Officer. They are the commander’s single point of contact for health of the squadron issues. Operations Compliance provides the commander and senior leadership with continual assessment of the unit’s ability to perform key logistics processes through the quality assurance program, squadron training, resource management and integrated computer systems management.

The 28th LRS Vehicle Management flight is the single authority and source for maintenance and management of the installation’s 630-motor vehicle fleet. The 28th LRS assigns, accounts for and maintains vehicle assets so they are safe, efficient and environmentally sound to meet the wing’s needs.

The Fuels flight mission is to ensure more than 18 million gallons of quality petroleum products, cryogenics fluids and missile propellants are acquired or produced and issued safely and efficiently to organizations annually.


The defenders of the 28th Security Forces Squadron, whose motto is “Defenders conquer all,” provides integrated defense and combat capability for Ellsworth Air Force Base, the U.S. Air Force, the Department of Defense and combatant commanders worldwide. Whether at home station or forward deployed, members of the 28th SFS provide an impenetrable umbrella of force protection encompassing all personnel, property and resources.

The squadron is divided into five flights that handle support staff functions (S1), ground intelligence and investigations (S2), operations and training (S3), logistics (S4) and plans and programs (S5). These staff agencies perform such roles as planning, equipping, training, directing and evaluating mission-related activities and personnel assigned to the 28th SFS. The staff also provides base support, including crime prevention, resource protection, criminal investigation and intelligence, incident reporting, visitor control, pass and registration, anti-terrorism, and reports and analysis.

Integrated defense is achieved through security patrolling, community policing, military working dog teams, a base-wide camera and alarm network, and strict installation access control. These functions work around the clock to ensure protection of the base populace and mission-critical resources. Patrols maintain an excellent relationship with the public by making contact with the base populace while on patrol in an effort to better understand their concerns about law enforcement issues.

The 28th SFS military working dog section not only provides explosive and drug detection capabilities to the base but also assists local civil authorities as needed.


The 28th Force Support Squadron provides services to Ellsworth’s active-duty members, Department of Defense civilians, retirees and their families. The 28th FSS includes the following flights: Airman and Family Readiness, Community Services, Force Development, Manpower & Organization, Civilian Personnel, Military Personnel, Child and Youth Services, Resource Management and Sustainment Services. These flights, each with a distinct mission, combine to provide important support services to the Ellsworth community.

Following is a list of facilities and programs the 28th FSS operates and maintains for
Ellsworth Airmen and their families:

• Installation Personnel Readiness.

• Military and Civilian Personnel Programs.

• Manpower and Organization.

• Raider Café Dining Facility.

• Fuel Pit Kiosk.

• Bellamy Fitness Center.

• Pride Hangar.

• Pine Tree Inn and Aspen Lodging.

• Airman and Family Readiness Center.

• Child Development Center.

• Family Child Care.

• Youth Programs.

• School Liaison Officer.

• Education and Training Section.

• Library.

• Professional Development.

• Airman Leadership School.

• Arts and Crafts Center.

• Auto Hobby Center.

• Bandit Lanes.

• Dakota’s Club (Co-located Club)/
Community Center.

• Golf Course.

• Marketing.

• Outdoor Recreation.

• Cedar Lodge Recreation Lodging.

• Family Camp (FamCamp).

• Base Theater.

• Base Honor Guard.

• Mortuary Affairs.

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