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28th Mission Support Group

28th Mission Support Group

The 28th Mission Support Group provides mission-essential “city” services at home and combat support services to Airmen while deployed. The group provides essential services for active-duty members, retirees, civilians and their families, including food services, security, vehicles, supplies, computer and telephone support, civil engineering, educational and recreational services, and personnel support. Six squadrons are under the 28th MSG umbrella: the 28th Civil Engineer Squadron, 28th Contracting Squadron, 28th Communications Squadron, 28th Logistics Readiness Squadron, 28th Security Forces Squadron and 28th Force Support Squadron.


The 28th Civil Engineer Squadron provides the necessary assets and skilled personnel to prepare and sustain installations throughout the world, in times of war and peace. The squadron’s dual mission is to provide quality home-station engineer services for rapid, decisive, sustainable combat support, anytime, anywhere. Additionally, the Prime Base Engineer Emergency Force (Prime BEEF) mobility teams stand ready to rapidly deploy anytime, anywhere to provide fully responsive engineer capabilities in support of our nation’s contingencies. In addition to daily operations, Prime BEEF is responsible for maintaining, repairing, operating and helping the base — or any installation around the world — with recovery before, during and after a peacetime or wartime disaster, or deploying a fully capable engineer force in support of contingency operations. This dual mission of war readiness and infrastructure maintenance is accomplished with a combined military and civilian workforce capable of rapid transition between missions.

Civil engineers support the installation and the Air Force mission by applying resources to accomplish required tasks in the following areas — readiness and emergency management, real property maintenance and accountability, utility services, minor construction, fire protection, explosive ordnance disposal, disaster preparedness, environmental protection, nonreal property services, and technical and management services.

The squadron consists of six flights: Engineering, Fire Protection, Installation Management, Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Readiness and Emergency, and Operations.


The mission of the 28th Contracting Squadron is to provide agile contracting support and business advice to Ellsworth and combatant commanders. The squadron consists of three flights:

• The PKA Acquisition flight provides contract support for commodity and service requirements. The flight oversees $47 million in recurring service contracts, $7 million in medical support personnel contracts, $70 million in utilities and an additional $15 million in commodity purchases.

• The PKB Acquisition flight provides construction and related support to the 28th Civil Engineer Squadron. The flight oversees $15 million and more than 100 annual requirements for construction and direct support to the 28th Bomb Wing and Ellsworth tenant units.

• The PKP Plans and Programs flight supports the base’s contract Quality Assurance Program, Government Purchase Card program and Contracting Systems Support activity. The Quality Assurance Program coordinator ensures contract compliance on 17 major service contracts in a $48 million portfolio. The government purchases a total of $7.5 million in annual expenditures. This flight is also responsible for maintaining the unit’s web-based procurement system and reporting interfaces. The purchase card coordinator oversees nearly 120 managing accounts, 206 cards and 9,000 GPC activities.

In addition, all three flights collectively carry out congressionally mandated socio-economic programs through small business outreach events and by awarding contracts to businesses in several small business categories. Each year, the squadron awards more than $25 million to small businesses, which amounts to over 90 percent of available contract dollars. The squadron also contracts with a local AbilityOne contractor for another $10 million annually, which provides jobs for people with severe disabilities. Through these programs, 28th CONS not only complies with the law but also serves as a good community partner.


The 28th Communications Squadron’s vision to set the cyberspace standard of excellence for the Air Force is summarized by its motto: Wired for War. The squadron provides combat-ready Airmen in support of warfighter requirements while developing cyberspace professionals focused on world-class customer support to all units assigned to Ellsworth Air Force Base.

The squadron consists of two flights — the Operations flight and Plans and Resources flight — as well as a command section and Policy and Evaluations section.

The Operations flight consists of five sections:

• The Infrastructure Systems section manages network connectivity and sustains the base’s long-haul communications circuits.

• Knowledge Operations Management supports Ellsworth with enterprise information management, records management, knowledge management and SharePoint content management functions. The Airmen of the section also manage the wing publications and forms programs and oversee the wing Privacy Act and Freedom of Information Act programs.

• The Cyber Systems Operations section sustains servers that make technology work and continue to work for Ellsworth personnel. Be it with network services, BlackBerry support, applications, file storage, firewalls or anti-virus updates, the Airmen in CSO assist every user daily.

• The Airmen of the RF Transmissions section sustain numerous radio systems and the base “Giant Voice” emergency broadcast network in addition to providing public address system support. They also maintain the base Land Mobile Radio (LMR) network and personal wireless communication systems. The Client Service Center has three missions vital to both daily information technology user services and mission systems maintenance. The heartbeat of the squadron, the Communications Focal Point maintains systems and personnel status. It also directs corrective actions in a timely manner by interfacing with external agencies’ users and production work centers. The technicians provide desktop touch maintenance support along with installing and configuring software, operating systems and applications. Finally, Computer Systems Management provides cradle-to-grave management and accountability of the entire wing’s IT equipment. The Operations Flight also manages base postal activities.

• The Plans and Resources flight is a small but dynamic flight with three unique and vital missions. The Plans Office provides short- and long-range communications and information planning for Ellsworth. The Wing Cybersecurity Office provides base-level cybersecurity services while managing programs which include Communications Security, Cybersecurity and TEMPEST, as well the Cyber Awareness and Electronic System Security Assessment Notice and Consent programs. Finally, the Force Development office is the central point for all training, readiness and deployment management.

The 28th CS command section includes the squadron commander, superintendent, first sergeant, secretary and unit program coordinator. The Policy and Evaluations section ensures quality maintenance and other functional area support services through evaluation, deficiency identification and trend analysis.

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