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The squadron’s Military Personnel Flight (MPF) is in the Rushmore Center, 1000 Ellsworth St., Ellsworth Air Force Base, South Dakota, 57706. The MPS includes the Force Management, Customer Support and Career Development sections, which provide many services, including issuing identification cards, assignments, promotions and re-enlistments. The Virtual Resource Center is on the second floor, and the customer service section is on the first floor. To reach it, call 605-385-1286 or DSN 675-1286.


The Civilian Personnel Flight provides services for approximately 530 civil service positions. Most jobs are in the logistics, medical and support areas. About one-quarter of the jobs serviced are wage grade (blue collar), and the rest are general schedule (white collar). Turnover in civil service jobs is somewhat limited.

Employment opportunities are best for people already in civil service. To find employment information, visit www.afciviliancareers.com or call the information line at 800-525-0102.

The Defense Commissary Agency, Base Exchange and nonappropriated fund jobs are serviced by their own personnel offices. Get additional information by reviewing announcements and talking with staff members in their respective personnel offices 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.


The Airmen in this section provide manpower and organization services to the 28th Bomb Wing and its subordinate units. Located in the Rushmore Center, this section’s goal is to assist in determining the most efficient and effective use of manpower resources through development and application of objective manpower standards, Management Advisory Studies, Continuous Innovation Enhancement Programs and other manpower and organization activities.


The Human Resource Section is dedicated to the nonappropriated fund personnel needs of the squadron. The 28th FSS employs approximately 275 nonappropriated fund employees in a variety of areas, including crafts and trades, administrative and technical positions. Transition assistance personnel and military spouses who accompany their sponsor to Ellsworth have preference for job referrals. Contact the human resources office staff at 605-385-2465 or DSN 675-2465. Find employment information online at www.nafjobs.org.


The Air Force realizes there is a direct correlation between a member’s quality of life and their ability to successfully accomplish the mission. The Airman and Family Readiness Center (A&FRC) is the focal point for personal preparedness and quality of life enhancement. The A&FRC is open to all active-duty members, DOD civilians, retirees and their families. The A&FRC collaborates with base agencies to help foster a sense of community, family adaptation, and personnel and family readiness. Its team of consultants and technicians serves as liaison to squadrons to help identify and resolve quality-of-life issues for individuals and families. The A&FRC has an extensive information and referral network to help individuals connect to the right resource.

The A&FRC promotes resiliency in both the individual and family. These services may be direct or indirect, with emphasis on readiness and retention. Some activities and services A&FRC performs include the following:

• Readiness prepares individuals and families for separation and offers preplanning and support during deployments, temporary duty assignments or remote tours, and reintegration.

• Personal and Family Financial Readiness strives to help customers maximize their purchasing power, improve their standard of living, reduce stress and anxiety during financial crisis, and increase resiliency.

• Personal Work Life provides comprehensive individual and family assessments, skills-development classes, support groups and activities that assist families in adapting to the military lifestyle.

• Employment works with individuals either one-on-one or in a group with career planning, job search workshops and job referral networks. The Volunteer Program functions as the base community’s focal point for using the President’s Volunteer Service Award program.

• Air Force Aid Society offers assistance during emergencies in the form of interest-free loans and grants. Additional services include Give Parents a Break, Child Care for Volunteers, Child Care for permanent change of station (PCS) (inbound or outbound, 20 hours per child and open to all ranks), Car Care Because We Care, Respite Care and Bundles for Babies.

• Relocation Assistance provides individualized assistance, training, information and referral to inbound and outbound personnel and their families.

• Special Needs works with individuals enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member Program through partnerships with the base medical treatment facility, assignments section, youth center and child development center.

• The School Liaison Office helps connect parents, schools and the military by providing direct assistance to parents and their children in kindergarten through high school.

• Transition Assistance equips separating and retiring military and civilian personnel and their families with the skills and knowledge necessary for a smooth, successful transition into the private sector.

• Casualty Assistance assists family members of deceased active-duty personnel and retired military members from all branches of service.

• Air Force Wounded Warrior ensures wounded, seriously ill and injured Airmen requiring long-term medical care or a medical or physical evaluation receive nonmedical services, reintegration and transition support.

• Air Force Families Forever ensures family members of deceased Airmen are provided with immediate and long-term bereavement care, service and support.

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