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Privatized Base Housing

Privatized Base Housing

Ellsworth AFB housing is operated by Ellsworth AFB Homes, which is professionally managed by Balfour Beatty Communities (BBC). They have the knowledge and capabilities to provide residents with the best in management, housing operation, 24-hour maintenance, technology and social activities. Residents enjoy a secure and comfortable hometown environment and free events through an exclusive LifeWorks program. This resident life program engages residents of all ages through thoughtfully planned events and activities such as holiday-themed events, seminars, walking, dance or running clubs, arts and crafts, and community-wide events. Ellsworth AFB Homes offers a variety of move-in ready three- and four- bedroom floor plans featuring ample closets and storage space, master suites, garages and private fenced-in yards. Residents enjoy the walkable community’s many amenities.

There are 497 on-base housing units in three communities:

• Prairie View Estates offers three- and four-bedroom homes with a fully equipped kitchen with breakfast bar, master suite and outdoor lounge to service members ranked E1 through E4.

• Located near the Patriot Gate, Rushmore Heights has three- and four-bedroom homes that feature a fully equipped kitchen, master suite, outdoor living space and fenced-in backyard for service members ranked E1 through E9 and O1 through O6.

• Black Hills Estates offers three- and four-bedroom homes, which include a master suite, garage and exterior storage to service members ranked E1 through E8 and O4 through O6.

All active-duty military members who are eligible for basic allowance for housing at the “with” dependent rate are eligible for military family housing. To apply for housing, service members must complete both a DD Form 1745 (DOD Housing Application) and a BBC application for housing. Inbound members should contact BBC before their arrival to start the application process; assigned members should visit the Ellsworth Housing Office to begin the application process. BBC manages the waitlists. All inquiries regarding status on the waiting list or approximate waiting times for housing can be answered by calling 605-923-9000 or visit their website at www.ellsworthafbhomes.com.


To assist newcomers or individuals looking for off-base housing, the DOD manages www.HOMES.mil, where local property managers wishing to market specifically to military members can list their properties. The listings contain information such as house size, location, pictures, pet requirements, cost, contact numbers, security deposits and lease terms. Government personnel at the Housing Office are available to assist both newcomers and assigned personnel with finding adequate off-base housing. Call 605-385-2570 to request a list of resources for finding suitable rentals, school links and other area information. The Fair Housing Act of 1968 makes discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex or national origin illegal in regard to sale or rental of most housing. Government personnel are tasked to address any suspected or validated violations of this law.


There are six hospitality suites available for single, unaccompanied Airmen (E-4 and below) who arrive at Ellsworth after normal duty hours. Unaccompanied housing at Ellsworth is available for all single Airmen in the ranks of E-1 through E-4. Unaccompanied Housing Management hours are 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Airmen Dorm Leaders can be reached at 605-385-2567 during normal duty hours.

There are 737 rooms in six dormitories, all single occupancy. Each dorm has one game room (card and pool tables, dart boards), one kitchen, one laundry room and at least four TV rooms. High-definition cable and Wi-Fi are installed in each first-floor dayroom.

Individual dorm rooms are pre-wired for cable television, high-speed cable internet and phone; these services may be acquired through contract with a local vendor, Midcontinent Communications. Airmen dorm leaders can provide contact information and assist with questions regarding private communication services.

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