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Newcomer Information

Newcomer Information

Getting a Sponsor

To obtain a sponsor prior to arrival at F.E. Warren, go to the Military Personnel Section to fill out request paperwork at least 90 days in advance of departure. If you are on a short notice PCS, contact your gaining squadron here and ask for the Unit Program Coordinator or the Squadron’s Command Section, who will assign you a sponsor. If you’re unable to obtain a sponsor through these channels, contact the Relocation Assistance Program

Manager at 307-773-5946 or DSN 481-5946, for sponsorship information. If you arrive without a sponsor, contact your squadron upon arrival during duty hours.

Students completing tech school with orders to F.E. Warren Air Force Base should contact their gaining unit (Security Forces inbounds should call 307-773-4114, DSN 481-4114, 307-631-7843 (cell) or the Relocation Assistance Program Manager 307-773-5946 or DSN 481-5946). Students must contact one of these individuals prior to departing for their gaining base to ensure their sponsorship needs are met.

Incoming personnel are encouraged to stop at the gate for information and directions. The gate guard can direct you to the 24-hour central arrival point at the Crow Creek Inn, Building 216, which can be reached at 307-773-3077 or DSN 481-3077. If you arrive after duty hours and are experiencing problems, contact the command post at 307-773-3921 or DSN 481-3921.

Mail Call

General mail delivery is no longer available on base. For temporary mail delivery use the following general delivery address: Name, c/o General Delivery, 4800 Converse Ave., Cheyenne, WY 82001. A permanent box will be assigned upon arrival for those living in the dormitories.

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