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Over 550 Animals on 500 Acres

Wild Animal Safari was developed by Ron Snider, a world-renowned big game hunter. His concept was to create a place where the public could get up close and personal with the types of animals you generally never get to experience.

This large goal was started by the creation of the Turkey Creek Hunting Club in 1988, which led to the eventual purchase of enough land to create a safari-like experience. In 1990 Mr. Snider reached out to expert consultants, outfitters, and hunters. With their input, they designed the layout of the park and decided which animals would be best suited for the venture.

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One of the goals in the creation of Wild Animal Safari was to have an attraction that was reasonably priced, allowing the proper care of the animals and grounds but also staying affordable to young families. Snider was especially interested in reaching 3- to 12-year-olds to help them gain a lifelong love of animals and nature.

A success from the very first year, the wild animal attraction experienced steady growth year after year. Parks! America bought the business on June 15, 2005. Since assuming ownership, we’ve upgraded the grounds, acquired new animals and worked to enhance our guests’ experience!

Drive-Thru Park Information

From the comfort of your own vehicle, you can travel through our 3.5-mile drive experiencing hundreds of animals.  Get up close and personal like no other animal adventure.  Many animals will come right up to your vehicle for a greeting.  Come face-to-face with a camel, a watusi, a zebra or hand feed an American bison.  You’ll see elk, water buffalo, giraffes and more running free.  We have 75 species of animals and over 550 of them on 500 acres! Families often say how big of a blast they have, how much they ooh-and-aah, and just break out in laughter.

This is truly a fun family experience for all ages from child to grandma and grandpa.

It’s in! They love it!

“Seriously, this was the most fun I have had with my family in 2016. We had a blast! We will be going back. Loved every moment of it!” – Caleb T.

“Our family did multiple things in the atlanta area this week. A short drive to the country to pine mountain is well worth it!! We have children ranging from 21 mo’s ,9, 13 & 17 years old & they all were laughing & screaming the entire trip.” – Steven W.

Contact Us:
Phone: (706) 663-8744

1300 Oak Grove Road
Pine Mountain, GA 31822

Hours of Operation

Our last ticket will be sold one (1) hour before close, on each day. However, we recommend arriving at least two (2) hours before close so you have a better chance of seeing the entire park. The tour bus schedule varies by season, but it is posted onsite when you arrive.

In certain cases of extremely severe weather, park WILL be closedIf in doubt CALL before arrival or purchasing tickets: 706-663-8744.

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