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Additional Services

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Milton E. Long Library / 706-545-4911

Aside from our extensive collection of books and periodicals, Long Library offers a great variety of materials, equipment and services, including free wireless internet access, more than 40 computers, thousands of DVDs and CDs, digital audio books, book clubs and children’s programs. The library is in Building 2783 on Eckel Avenue. Our research and reference resources are second to none, and our librarians are always happy to help. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, perhaps we can borrow it from another library.

Automotive Skills Center / 706-545-2337

Whether you want to work on your car or prefer to have a mechanic do it, the Fort Benning Automotive Skills Center has what you’re looking for. The facility features 42 bays for auto repair and do-it-yourself servicing, with a variety of state-of-the-art equipment available. Staff members will answer questions on technical issues and guide you through your self-service project. A wide variety of supplies and parts are sold at the service center. Long-term vehicle storage is available for lengthy auto repairs or refurbishments.

The Auto Skills Center is open to all active-duty military personnel, retirees, National Guardsmen and Reservists, DOD civilians and family members. Prices are typically tens to hundreds of dollars less than most civilian car care agencies.

The center is in Building 111 on Marchant Street. Services include: towing, rebuilds, tune-ups, tire rotation and balancing, checking and filling fluids, general repairs and free prepurchase vehicle inspections.

24/7 WRECKER AND TOWING / 706-527-0971

Auto Skill’s wrecker service will tow your vehicle to the Auto Skill Center or off post to a location of your choice. Available 24/7. The driver will quote the pricing.

24/7 MWR CAR WASH FACILITIES / 706-545-7298

MWR has three car washes: one on Main Post, Building 105 on Marchant Street; one next to the commissary in Building 9231 on Marne Road; and the third on Jamestown Road in Harmony Church. All locations have automatic and self-serve options.

Pet Services

VETERINARY SERVICES / 706-545-4444/1127

The Fort Benning Veterinary Treatment Facility, Building 265, 10th Mountain Division Road, provides outpatient services, vaccinations, minor medical care, dermatology consultations, surgeries, spaying and neutering, heartworm prevention, flea-control products, health certificates for travel and prescription foods to privately owned animals of military ID card holders of all branches. The VTF also monitors animal public health issues for the Fort Benning community. All animals residing on post or using the post dog parks must be registered at the VTF within 14 days of arrival. Pit bulls and Staffordshire terriers are banned on post.

DOG PARKS / 706-545-7978

MWR has two dog parks: one on the corner of Edwards and Carpenter streets on Main Post and another at the youth sports complex (Blue and French fields) on 1st Division Road. These parks include agility playground equipment. Pet owners must clean up after their dogs and monitor their behavior. All dogs must:

• Be registered at Fort Benning Vet Services (706-545-4444) and have shot records on file there.
• Wear a collar with current rabies tag.
• Be off-leash only in the park and leashed upon exiting.
• Be under voice control of owner at all times.
• Be accompanied by an adult, 18 or older.

DOG WASH / 706-545-7298

Attached to the Main Post car wash, our do-it-yourself, climate-controlled dog wash is the first of its kind on a U.S. military installation. The coin-operated booth offers washing, drying and flea and tick bathing options. The booth is automatically sterilized after each use. Located in Building 105, Marchant Street.

Laundromat / 706-545-3398

You can clean just about anything, including your TA-50 or king-size linens, at the Main Post Laundromat, Building 1683 on Gaudette Avenue. We have 81 heavy duty washers and 54 dryers — no waiting! You won’t need a pocketful of quarters with our CCI card system. Simply put wash credits on your card and insert it into the machines. The more you use the post laundromat, the more credit you earn. While waiting for your wash, play pool or arcade games. Unit laundry parties can be arranged by appointment between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. The laundromat is open 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily; last wash is at 9 p.m.

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