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Army Substance Abuse Program

Army Substance Abuse Program


The ASAP is a command program that emphasizes personal responsibility and provides services to deter alcohol abuse and the illegal use of drugs. Programs include the Counseling, Prevention and Education, Employee Assistance, Drug Testing, Risk Reduction and Suicide Prevention. For more information, call 706-545-1138/4415.

ASAP Counseling Center

The ASAP Counseling Center provides the unit commander with a clinical staff to evaluate and treat alcohol and drug abusers. The Clinical Program Manager is your POC for counseling and rehabilitation services. Counselors evaluate Soldiers, DA civilians and adult family members with potential substance abuse problems and provide rehabilitation services. For more information, call 706-545-8362/4821.

Prevention and Education

The ASAP Prevention Coordinator develops and administers substance abuse prevention education programs with the Installation Training Officer. ASAP helps commanders and directors provide substance abuse prevention education in accordance with Army Regulation 600-85, with four hours of annual training for military personnel and two hours for civilian employees. The PC also manages and conducts the 16 hours Prime For Life course. For more information, call 706-545-7027.

Employee Assistance

The Employee Assistance Program Coordinator provides intervention and referral services, including screening, short term counseling and referral services. The EAPC also provides education for civilians on topics such as stress management, relationships and substance abuse prevention. For more information, call 706-545-5137.

Drug Testing

The Drug Testing Coordinator operates a secure Drug Testing Collection Point. The DTC is the installation subject matter expert on urinalysis collection and testing. For more information, call 706-545-2123/5880.

Risk Reduction

The Risk Reduction Program is a commander’s tool designed to identify and decrease Soldier’s high risk behaviors to reduce deaths, accidents, injuries, sexually transmitted diseases, suicide attempts, AWOL, drug and alcohol offenses, traffic violations, criminal behaviors, domestic violence and financial distress. Risk Reduction Program coordinators implement intervention measures through the use and coordination of installation resources and agencies. For more information, call 706-545-5718/6049/7446.

Suicide Prevention

The Suicide Prevention Program Manager coordinates and supports installation-wide suicide prevention initiatives. This program integrates the efforts of commanders, chaplains, staff and relevant agencies to develop goals and objectives for the installation. For more information, call 706-545-5441.

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