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Four Legged Fun

Four Legged Fun

Ft Benning Bucket List Four Legged Fun


MWR’s Outdoor Recreation hosts the annual Bark to the Park at the dog park on Zuckerman Avenue for Fort Benning families and their dogs. It is free fun for everyone, with canine competitions, refreshments, games and prizes. All four-legged participants must be registered with Vet Services. We’ll post details on Facebook and at

But you don’t have to wait for the zoo to come to you. The 500-acre Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain, about 45 miles from Fort Benning, features hundreds of exotic animals from around the world. Drive through the 3-mile Serengeti Adventure and enjoy a close encounter with giraffes, zebras, buffalo, camels, rhinos and many more. Tour in your own vehicle or a rental van or hop on the tour bus. Once you’ve finished the Serengeti Adventure, take a casual stroll through the Walk-About and meet bears, hyenas, alligators, monkeys, ligers and more. What’s a liger? You’ll have to visit and see for yourself.

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