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Military Personnel Division, Directorate of Human Resources / 706-545-4002

The Military Personnel Division provides personnel services required upon arrival and departure and other personnel actions initiated by the customer, including in- and out-processing, installation strength management services, eMILPO automation support services, reassignment actions, passport and visa applications, Soldier actions, OCS, Soldier Readiness Processing (deployment and redeployment), retirement and transition services processing, trainee and student personnel operations, processing of identification cards and tags, document certification, Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) enrollment, line of duty investigations, casualty reporting assistance, military personnel files records maintenance, emergency forms preparation, personal affairs, DOD Forms 214 and publishing of orders. The following lists the branches that fall under MPD and services they provide.

Personnel Readiness Branch / 706-545-3768

The functions of the Personnel Readiness Branch involve notifying Soldiers of reassignment, verification of assignment eligibility, preparation of permanent change of station and family travel orders, and processing of deletion and deferment action by commanders. Except for TRADOC organizations, PRB is responsible for personnel manning for officer assignments, enlisted assignments and unit readiness, review of HQDA manning targets, requisitions for special skills, processing of incoming installation permanent party gains to units, assignment verification during in-processing, unit readiness reporting for personnel (NetUnit Status Reporting for FORSCOM units), classifications and special duty pay for permanent party personnel. The Personnel Automation Section handles the management of and access to eMILPO (Electronic Military Personnel Office) and is the point of contact for military personnel accountability for Fort Benning. It is responsible for installation access to the Enterprise Datastore application as well as monitoring AWOL situations and forward dropped from rolls (DFR) packets for the installation with the exception of 3rd Brigade. PAS is the point of contact for Personnel Asset Inventories. Within PAS also is a mobilization section responsible for all Reserve and Guard federalizations for contingency operations.

Personnel Operations Branch / 706-545-0160

The Personnel Operations Branch functions involve Casualty Operations (NOK notification, casualty assistance, funeral honors, etc.); Retirement Services Operations (retirement applications, Survivor Benefit Plan counseling, assistance to retirees and families, etc.); Deployment Cycle Support Operations (Administrative SRP for CRC and redeployment services, DD214 preparation, REFRAD orders, etc.); and Transition Services Operations (separation orders and DD214 and DD220 preparation for trainees, students and permanent party personnel).

Trainee/Student Branch / 706-545-8811

The Trainee/Student Branch provides all military personnel support services to trainees and Soldiers attending Initial Entry Training or professional development schools on Fort Benning. TSB also manages the Army Training Requirement & Resources System.

Personnel Services Branch / 706-545-9017

The Personnel Services Branch provides support to permanent party Soldiers upon arrival and departure from the installation. Services include in-processing and out-processing, military awards, promotions, Soldiers Actions, OCS applications, Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) enrollment, ID cards and tags, military personnel files and voting assistance.

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