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Commissary / 706-544-3965

The Fort Benning Commissary, Building 9230 on Marne Road, includes a grocery, bakery, rotisserie and sushi bar. Customers must show their ID at the checkout. Personal checks are accepted for up to $25 over the amount of purchase. Telephone orders are accepted with 24-hour notice for special-order meat cuts, deli meat, cheese trays, fruit baskets and fruit and vegetable trays. The commissary is open daily except Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day.

AAFES Post Exchange Mall / 706-685-3257

At 247,000 square feet, Fort Benning’s Post Exchange Mall has a great variety of dining options, concessionaires and merchandise, clothing, cosmetics, fragrances, home decor, electronics, appliances, recreation equipment, toys and garden supplies. The PX, at 9220 Marne Road, is open 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday.


Alterations/Dry Cleaning 706-687-7755
Barbershop 706-687-2436
Beauty Shop 706-687-2743
Beauty Supplies 706-405-3939
Burger King 706-685-3257, ext. 391/392
Charley’s Grilled Subs 706-685-3257, ext. 391/392
Day Spa 706-685-9000
GameStop 706-689-6893
GNC 706-689-1832
Manchu Wok 706-685-3257, ext. 391/392
MMA Express 706-208-2376
Optical Center 706-685-4448
Optometry Clinic 706-682-3938
Pizza Hut 706-685-3257, ext. 391/392
Starbucks 706-685-3257, ext. 215/216
T-Shirt Shop 706-685-4845
Wireless Accessories 706-682-0290
Main Post Mini Mall / 706-682-0473

The AAFES Mini Mall, 103 Ingersoll St., is open 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. weekdays and 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. weekends. Call concessionaires for individual store hours.


Alterations/Dry Cleaning 706-687-4700
Barbershop 706-682-0011
Bruster’s Ice Cream 706-683-9585
Charley’s Grilled Subs 706-687-3665
GNC 706-689-3137
Kim’s Boot & Shoe Repair 706-689-2175
Qdoba Mex Grill 706-687-3665
UPS Store 706-685-3535

Sand Hill Mini Mall
The Mini Mall is at 3218 11th Airborne Division Road.


Barbershop 706-687-8618
Military Rings 706-687-9688
MMA Express 706-763-8463
Sand Hill Snack Bar 706-682-9430
Sand Hill Troop Store 706-682-9493
Sweet Shop 706-718-8187
T-Shirt Shop 706-617-1943
Class Six Store / 706-682-2756

The package store, 9235 Marne Road, offers assorted liquors, beer, wine, soft drinks and snacks.

Military Clothing Sales

In addition to clothing, Military Clothing Sales also carries a large selection of books and supplies for the student Soldier. MCS is located in the Main PX Mall. For more information, call 706-689-7981.

Shoppettes and Troop Stores

Custer Road Shoppette/Gas/Car Wash
10598 Custer Road 706-682-0854

Dixie Road Shoppette/Gas/Car Wash
2650 Dixie Road 706-687-3450

Harmony Church Shoppette/Gas
4218 8th Division Road 706-682-5343

Harmony Church Troop Store
4308 15th Calvary Road 706-685-4519

Main Post Mini Mall
103 Ingersoll St. 706-682-0473

Sand Hill Reception Center Troop Store
3022 Johnston Drive 706-682-7887

Sightseeing Road Troop Store
2821 Sightseeing Road 706-687-6806


Arby’s 706-683-0933
Dixie Road Popeye’s Chicken 706-685-9645
Main Post Burger King 706-689-0934
McGraw Village Starbucks 706-225-7688

Additional Services

Firestone Complete Auto Care
9233 Marne Road 706-687-6520

Bikes and Beyond
9230 Marne Road 706-687-9253

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