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You’re Sure to Have Questions

You’re Sure to Have Questions

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We continually work to make this Tour Guide as convenient and informative as possible. If you find we have not answered your questions, please let us hear from you. Send emails to


The ID card center is in the Commissary Mall on Marne Road. Schedule an appointment at

To acquire a Common Access Card, or CAC, you will need an AKO account and two forms of ID, including a photo ID. Civilian employees must be entered into the RAPIDS system by CPAC. Contract employees must be entered into the CVS system by a trusted agent.

Be sure to bring the following documents to your DEERS enrollment appointment:

• Two forms of ID (one must be a picture ID from a local, state or government agency.)
• Social Security card or letter from the Social Security Administration.
• Marriage or birth certificate (original document or certified copy with seal).
• Sponsor or power of attorney (Special POA must specify for DEERS and ID card issuance).
• Divorce decree, if appropriate.
• If a stepchild, you must have a marriage certificate, birth certificate and Social Security card.

Military retirees and their family members will need two forms of ID (one must be a picture ID from a local, state or government agency) and your sponsor or a power of attorney.

Update your address in DEERS at or email changes to Your email should include your telephone number, sponsor’s name and Social Security number, new address and effective date, and names of family members affected by the change.

For information on the Military Personnel Division, see Page 30 or call 706-545-6819. For information about DEERS, call 706-545-9085/4068.

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