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Willie R. Johnson Jr. is a retired veteran that served over 20 years in the Army. Even after he retired, he desire to help and be a mentor continued. Willie now empowers other to become financially educated on aspects that some don’t know about or don’t take advantage of. When asked how he would define himself as business owner, he said “I’m a financial educator. I didn’t learn the rules of the wealthy until I was 3 years from retirement. My goal is to help people learn what I have and put them in a better position financially. I will help anyone but as a former Soldier, that’s where my heart is. I’ve seen too many Soldiers leave the military without a good financial plan, I was almost one of them. I was fortunate enough to to have a buddy that thought enough of me that he shared so vital and valuable information with me. It’s only right that I do the same thing.” Willie offers several programs at an affordable price that are self paced and easy to learn. Credit repair, investment education,  and tax minimization to name a few. “I offer discounts and for anyone that wants to take advantage of the system all I ask is that they give it 6 months. People take 25-40 years getting themselves into trouble financially but want to get themselves out of it in 2-4 weeks. My program is not something that does. No amount of money can fix poor spending habits and bad financial behavior. It is a process and one that if learned, can make a world of difference not jus for the individual, but for those that come behind them and those that they help.

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