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Mountain West Montessori
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We are a beautiful Montessori school located on the Upper Valley Westside of El Paso, TX. We have been serving our community for 34 years by working with children from two months to Middle School with authentic and bilingual Montessori practices. We are the largest and the only State Certified Montessori school in El Paso!


Our beautiful Montessori environments have guided thousands of students through their cognitive and academic development. Guiding them in all the areas of development to potentialize abilities and success in our world today: Physical, emotional, and social awareness, and cognitive and academic development.


Our Montessori certified and experienced teachers (Guides) understand child development and the wonderful philosophy and methodology of Montessori, offering important opportunities for children’s full development, awareness, and leadership skills. We are very proud of our team!


Connecting children with nature is a cornerstone of our mission. We sit on a 4-acre lot of lush gardens within our beautiful pecan orchard. Children plant and harvest and enjoy the wonders of the seasons.


We have bilingual environments starting at two months and have convenient hours of operation from 7:30 to 5:20.


Visit our campus today!

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