Fort Bliss Military Trusted Businesses


We help both active duty and veterans invest in solar (energy), plus we assist with their taxes, finances, and investments. With 22 years of finance, business tax & personal tax experience, we’ll show you legal strategies to pay less in taxes using the IRS code as well as work with your finance and investment strategies.


What we do.

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Federal Tax Credit

  • See amount of credit you may qualify for
  • Help you qualify for Energy Tax Credit
  • Share additional tax strategies with you

We Offer U.S. Made Panels

  • Partnered w/ Titan Solar (Leading Provider)
  • Get started with $0 down
  • 100% Warranty and Guarantee
  • Borrow additional money at 1.49 apr

Eliminate your Energy Bill

  • Pay the same or less than you pay now.
  • Eliminate any energy bill in 10-20 yrs
  • Lower your carbon footprint
  • Add value to your home