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Army Family Action Plan (AFAP)

Army Family Action Plan (AFAP)

(Conferences typically held in October- issues can be submitted year-round)

AFAP is a program for Soldiers, Families, civilian employees, and retirees to identify quality of life issues and propose recommendations for improvement of policies and programs which affect the well-being of the military community.

Annual Conference- Representatives of active and reserve Soldiers, Families, civilian employees, and retirees form workgroups to discuss submitted issues in a forum guided by skilled facilitators and recorders in an effort to identify and prioritize quality of life issues and formulate recommendations.

In the history of AFAP, 123 changes have been made to legislation, 172 policies and regulations have been revised, and 192 programs and services have been improved at the Department of the Army level.

Some of these issues include: Pay increases, Military Savings Plan, Youth Initiatives, TRICARE for Life, Chiropractic Care for Active Duty, Household Goods Weight Allowance Increase for Junior Enlisted and much more. This program has also improved the quality of life here at Ft Bliss: No ATM fee at the Welcome Center and the Scuds and Suds Carwash, School Liaison Officer, and much more.


  • Identify and prioritize Soldier and Family issues
  • Assist Army leadership in reshaping the Army
  • Improve our local community

You can submit issues anytime at the AFAP website or visit our office in Bldg 2494, Ricker Road, Ft Bliss, TX. You may also contact us at 915-568-2382.


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