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Claims Process

Claims Process

What if something of yours is damaged, lost, or destroyed during the move? DoD customers are eligible for Full Replacement Value (FRV) protection on DoD-sponsored household goods and unaccompanied baggage shipments. With this protection, the TSP will either repair or pay to repair damaged items and pay the full replacement cost for items that are lost or destroyed.

Providing prompt notice of loss or damage is an essential part of the process. The TSP’s delivery crew will provide you with a form to note any loss or damage you discover at the time of delivery. You will complete and sign this at the time of your delivery and a copy will be sent back to the TSP’s claims office.

If loss or damage is discovered after the delivery crew departs, you must notify the TSP within 75 days of delivery in order to retain your right to Full Replacement Value protection. While you may use a form provided for this purpose by your TSP, the best way is to go to and follow the instructions to file a claim. From there you can complete the loss and damage report in DPS which will be available to the TSP immediately. All you need for a loss and damage report is the inventory number, the item’s description from the inventory, and a brief description of the damage or loss. The TSP has the right to inspect the damaged item once they receive the notice of loss or damage. Do not throw out destroyed or unrepairable items before you have spoken with the TSP’s claims agent.

A loss and damage report is not a claim. If you have any loss or damage to your personal property you will need to file your claim directly with the TSP within nine months of delivery to receive FRV coverage. Once the claim is filed directly with the TSP, the TSP is responsible for obtaining repair and replacement estimates and settling the claim by paying for repair or replacement costs. For most military shipments, you will file your claim through DPS. Again, has instructions on using DPS to file your claim.

As in the past, the Military Claims Office (MCO) is available to help you understand the claims process and your rights and responsibilities. You may still transfer your claim to the MCO of you wish. However, if you transfer your claim the MCO will only be responsible for the lower depreciated cost of items on the claim.


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