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Employment Readiness Program

Employment Readiness Program

Army Community Service (ACS) and the Employment Readiness Program (ERP) are designed to assist family member in gaining employment and continuing employment after relocation. We have also partnered with the Workforce Solutions of Upper Rio Grande and have staff on site so that together we call all assist with your employment needs without you having to go off-post.

ERP offers weekly job listing on employment and volunteer opportunities both on and off post, employment preparation classes, individual counseling/advising sessions, and job skills training to assist job seekers in gaining the tools they need to successfully obtain employment. In preparing for employment, it is helpful to hand-carry important items with you. Examples include but not limited to:

  • Resume Assistance
  • Job Announcement/vacancy description
  • Official school transcripts and certifications
  • Letters of reference (if applicable)
  • Previous employer contact information

Employment preparation and selection can take a considerable amount of time and work. When you are ready to start your employment journey, consider us for your first stop. Please attend our Spouse Orientation every Monday and Wednesday 10:00 am – 11:30 am. Call 915-569-5838 to register. You will find our staff eager to assist you. To expedite our services to you, please register in the following websites before visiting the Employment Readiness Program:

Please feel free to visit the Employment Readiness Program located inside the Army Community Service. Building 2494, Ricker Road, Fort Bliss, TX.


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