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Fort McCoy to see gate access changes beginning mid-March due to construction

Fort McCoy to see gate access changes beginning mid-March due to construction

Story by Scott Sturkol on 02/26/2019

Around March 18, Fort McCoy’s Main Gate will close for construction to improve installation force protection with security improvements and easier access to the Visitor Control Center.

During the construction period, which is expected to continue until mid-November, traffic will be rerouted through Gate 1, which is the old Main Gate for the installation and located less than half a mile west of the new Main Gate.

Traffic-flow patterns at Gate 1 will be marked to make it easier for drivers to understand how to enter and leave the installation, according to the Directorate of Emergency Services (DES).

There will be no change to Gate 20 operations. It will remain open for all traffic as usual.

During the construction time, employees with access can use several electronic gates, as well. Organizations that would like to offer employees access to electronic gates can contact the DES Physical Security Office to arrange electronic gate training.

Gates 5 and 15, which are also located along Highway 21, will not be available as electronic gates. They will be for emergency vehicle use only.

Also, workforce traffic that arrives and departs the cantonment area using Highway 16, Quarry Hill Road, and South J Street will have to take a slight detour to Highway 21 to eliminate traffic congestion. Gate 1 is located directly across the highway from South J Street, which connects to Quarry Hill Road.

The Fort McCoy Visitor Center, building 35, will remain open and accessible throughout the construction period. The center is located next to the current Main Gate and assists customers with installation passes, military ID cards, military retiree support, and more.

Fort McCoy Garrison Commander Col. Hui Chae Kim asked for patience and support from the installation community as upgrades are completed at the gate.

“The installation staff looked at all the best ways to alleviate any concerns with traffic congestion due to this project,” Kim said. “I think we’ve got the alternative traffic flow set up to serve our customers in the best way possible while at the same time maintaining our required security posture needed for Fort McCoy.”

(Article prepared by the Fort McCoy Public Affairs Office, Directorate of Emergency Services, and the Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security.)

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