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America’s Family Generations, LLC
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AMERICA’S FAMILY GENERATIONS, LLC is the second of two patriotic web-based platforms promoting and celebrating America…Generations Made In America, LLC being the first.

As a domestic and international sales & marketing executive, my travels exposed me to many varied types of people and businesses. One of my great joys has been hearing their personal and professional stories.  What I came to realize is that there are valuable life lessons about America that were being lost…lessons that could help young adults starting to enter the workforce, unemployed looking for direction, new immigrants trying to learn about how to succeed in our America, and many more!

In 2016 we launched GENERATIONS MADE IN AMERICA, LLC via ‘‘…a platform that promotes the ‘histories’ of America’s multi-generation family businesses. Where many of these companies are today may be well known but learning about how they started and the challenges they encountered along the way are priceless…makes their successes seem attainable for others.

AMERICA’S FAMILY GENERATIONS‘ platform,‘, was a natural follow-up that promotes key aspects of America’s greatest commodity, her people. What has evolved is a focus on three important words, GOD-FAMILY-COUNTRY.  America is like no other country, a melting pot, whose stories are unique. To drive this we developed a series of handmade, unique charms, 100% Made in America!

ONE NATION UNDER GOD CHARMS – One Nation Under God, a nation in subjection to, under the direction, guidance, instruction, influence, sanction, protection, and authority of God’s Word.

AMERICA’S FAMILY GENERATION CHARMS – A custom engraved personal and unique symbol. Your Number (engraved within the star) reflects your generation number and your Family Name (engraved on the back)…combined is your unique footprint in America’s history!

GENERATION’S PATRIOTIC CHARMS – Patriotism, national pride, is the feeling of love, devotion, and sense of attachment to a homeland and alliance with other citizens who share the same sentiment.

We appreciate your support and look forward to sharing future endeavors that promote our beautiful America. God bless!



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