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A novel for those who don’t generally ‘novel,’ because most novels are boring.
 NINE WHITE STONES is a new kind of fantasy novel that brings to light themes shunned and BLOCKED by mainstream fiction publishing for decades. True to story and character motivation, it equates the TOTALITARIAN CONTROL and REDUCTION of humanity proposed by the Left with demonic evil.
 “Amazing book! It is a high paced action packed ride. Just when you think you’re about to get a chance to put it down for a break, the tempo accelerates to new heights and keeps you engrossed in finding out what happens next. Best read for me this year so far. Start working on a sequel, Dan!” —Robert Lovejoy, US Army Major (Ret.) 
A woman struggles against a powerful demon she is bound to, while fighting against a terrifying conspiracy to sunder the world using demonic magic. 
Shelby Schouwenaars inadvertently binds the demon called Fen to herself, powerful enough to make her into a SUPERHERO, but with a steep price. It’s our world, the turn of the millennium, and magic exists as what a human can get a demon to do.
Prepare for an EDGY and dark woman-warrior tale—violent, intense and GORY. BRUTAL displays of trans-dimensional MAGIC. Visceral FIREFIGHTS and bloody melees against violent Marxists and radicalized Islamists. Demonically-conceived tactical ops VERSUS a singular warrior of cold-steel will and armor. One woman’s physical and emotional JOURNEY—marked by her nine white stones—from small beginnings to international heroine!
 Nine White Stones is Dan Kazi’s debut novel. He has also penned two feature film screenplays about warrior women, but both were rejected by leftist Hollywood, likely because they were either too edgy and graphic, too pro-Western civilization, or too harsh towards China, leftism and tyranny. His writing is inspired by classic literature from bygone eras. He rejects mainstream themes and isn’t inspired by modern styles. Dan is half-Indian, half-Cuban, with both Islamic and Catholic backgrounds representing a harmony between the two. An unapologetic hardline Trump-supporting moralist on social media, Dan is a strong believer in artistic license, freedom of ideas, and always holding his integrity paramount no matter what the cost. He lives in Utah, and enjoys roleplaying games and riffing bad movies.
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