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Veterans need your help. Go to
Please donate, at our website, any amount helps!! It is safe and each donation allows us to reach our goal of helping every veteran who could use it. We need you now more than ever!!
The United States went to Afghanistan to revenge 9/11, 20 years later the same terrorists are back in charge. Veterans are having a hard time with this. Please donate so we can help these veterans get the treatment they deserve.
As it is stated through all our videos and documentation, every dollar collected, every single dollar collected is 100% going to veterans.
All of the administrative costs are paid for by the veterans who started this organization.
Our campaign in August bought six group homes, those group homes took veterans off the street. The upkeep is quite expensive. Paying staff to run the home and paying for gas, electric, oil, or what have you, is quite costly, but WE have to rely on donations to keep us alive.
Money collected is spent supporting veteran’s causes. What do we mean by that? We try to give grants to veterans organizations. For example, there was a homeless camp next to a VA in California. We heard about it and found out they needed $30,000 to get individuals places to stay. We gave them $40,000 to get them running because we were impressed with a young attorney who was trying to help these veterans get on their feet.
Due diligence is done before we spend monies to help certain organizations. The problems for veterans are vast. We have spent a considerable amount of capital helping to get individuals Left behind enemy lines thanks to an administration who turn their back on Americans, an unforgivable act. We do phone banks on the weekends and we have individuals selling T-shirts and such to help us. We had a company running our website, but we were paying almost $400 to run a website and online store which we could do for ourselves for $30 if we could find someone to run it. We reached out to the veteran community and we were able to find someone to help. That is what veterans do for each other. I am very pleased to report our website is expanding almost on a daily basis. Our online store should be completed by the weekend.
Lastly, we do spend capital supporting politicians who believe in veteran’s causes and are a veteran themselves off from a family of veterans. We are trying to get as much influence as possible as an organization, nearly a year old, to be a big player when veteran’s legislation comes up for votes on the state and federal levels. Look at a representative like Louie Gohmert, who immediately went to visit LTC Stu Scheller. How do you not support politicians like that? A politician who stands up for an American soldier and doesn’t try to chastise him for telling the truth!
One of our eventual goals is to open up a camp in New Hampshire that veterans will spend the spring, summer, and fall in cabins where individuals can try to leave the battlefield behind. In the winter, we are hoping to do the cabins and integrate winter sports into the healing process. We vision psychologists and counselors setting up several workshops to help veterans.
We can understand your concerns about our organization, and we take to heart all questions asked. We try very hard to explain in our Business details, bio, product information etc.
As stated earlier, not one single dollar is used for anything but supporting veterans and veteran’s causes. We are veterans helping veterans. We are also willing to speak to you or anyone at any time to answer any questions you might have. We again, appreciate you for your interest and bringing your questions to our attention. We can be reached at 202-922-5200. I look forward to hearing from you. May God bless you and keep you safe, always and forever!
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